Wednesday, June 10, 2009

so wifey

I heart the nest. I get their newsletter every month and this month I especially loved these articles:
  • 20 summertime dates for $20 or less
  • Anniversary Gift Guide for Her- my faves, the custom perfume with scents from bouquet, the vase, the bathtub tray-which I have already and is like $40 from BB&B, the papersource gift, the storybook dishtowels, and the crystal bracelet
  • Anniversary Gift Guide for Him- my faves: The experience gift (stock car ride-along, but the website has tons of them for all different areas, including SLC), wireless speakers iPod dock, plane tickets, and the cotton robe (I just got Spence a sweet Red Sox one...sorry it was for your b-day and not the cotton anniversary...)
  • 10 Video Games for Two (Babe, check those out!)
  • Pet Central
What I don't love: All their ads for Seasoneque! Birth Control is EVIL! Not like sinful, but evil for what it does to you! Don't we have enough problems already without being turned into complete psychos with no labido? Seriously.

I can't have hormonal treatments because of my other meds, so I opted for an IUD, the copper kind. I was getting AT LEAST one yeast infection and one UTI every month, and my periods were sooooooooo painful and heavy, I would miss work and dope up on pain killers. At month 8, I was rushed to the ER because I was throwing up and fainting my cramps were so bad. My stupid gyno kept telling me it wasn't my IUD and I just wasn't used to sex. She also told me it would be safe for me to get pregnant. At 9 months my mom took me in and I told my gyno to "Get this IUD out of me, NOW!" As she did, she said, "DO NOT get pregnant. It's not safe for you or the baby. The baby will either die or have severe birth defects, so promise me you won't get pregnant." I wanted to smack her but instead said, "I won't" and asked that my records be transfered to a new gyno in Logan. After the removal, no more UTI's and I've only had two YI's in a year and a half. THANK HEAVEN'S! And my periods are so bearable I forget I'm on it. Thanks to the hubs for taking on the BC for me.

As for other forms of BC, I think they're all evil. ALL of my friends have had problems. One of them even stopped taking it and just uses condoms it was making her so sick. Seasoneque reminds me of this SNL short, enjoy: The fine print at the end is my fave.


Natalie said...

I hate it too. Absolutely hate it. But what can you do? I don't know. I hate condoms even more I think. I'm not sex-coordinated

JeriLynn said...

My brother just got snipped, and he was pretty proud of it. heh

Your Lava story was pretty funny. French horns? Spanish tickler? huh?