Thursday, August 27, 2009

BIG news

drumroll please.....

Spencer got a job!! He'll be working for Standard Plumbing's Corporate office in Sandy as a Sale's Administrator!!! We are so excited! He nailed the interview and I'm so proud of him. This will be a great job for him as it will give him some office experience and be a great bridge to an eventual job in his field. He starts Monday and we're super excited!

As you can imagine, we're moving somewhere down south to avoid a loooong commute. We're thinking Davis County since our family is there. It will be really hard to leave this little town that I've made my home, but much easier since I'll be keeping my job and I get to come up at least once a week. I will really miss living in Logan, but I'm ready for the next chapter of our lives. I think it came at a perfect time. We drive down to Ogden almost every single weekend anyway, so after a year or so of doing that, it makes leaving less painful. I have a lot of mixed emotions, one minute I'm so happy I wanna cry and the next I panic about not being able to go for walks on our trial, eat at Le Nonne, have the Logan temple within my sight, or having everything less than ten minutes away. Not to mention the lack of the beautiful campus...but like I said, I'll be up here every Tuesday, so, I'll eat lunch around campus, then after work I can grab some dinner at Le Nonne, walk to the temple, and then go swimming in the dam or something. ;)

So, moving means we need to sell our contract! Our lease is until February. Rent is $661/month. We were the first and only residents so the rent is muuuuch higher for other units. We're located at Bridger Pointe apartments in North Logan. Amenities include:
  • two bedroom, two full bath

  • master bedroom has a ceiling fan, two full closets and walk-off full bathroom

  • kitchen with dishwasher, stove/oven, fridge, and microwave

  • laundry room

  • family room

  • dining area

  • balcony

  • lots of storage, linen closet, pantry, and outside storage

  • covered parking

  • A/C and heating

  • pool and hot tub

  • gym

  • playground

  • great management

Here are some pictures:


family room


dining room

laundry room

guest bedroom

guest bathroom

master bedroom

master bathroom

Call Spencer at 801-628-6701 or Chelsi at 801-388-9452

Everybody spread the word!!!


Mandy said...

Hooray! That's exciting news!

And I can say (since I've been doing it for almost 3 years) that the commute between Syracuse and Sandy isn't that bad.

It takes about 45 minutes in the morning and about an hour in the afternoon, although that might change when the start work on the bridge in South Layton... for your sanity, you might want to look at places below that.


Rich's said...

Hooray for Spencer!!! I hope that you can get someone in your lease, Though I am sure with it still being to close to school, you won't have any problems!! Good Luck Lady!

Natalie said...

Ch-ch-changes!! Exciting! I hope you find someone to take your contract -- holy crap, we pay double that for a 1970s falling apart one bedroom. I should move to Logan!

Darci Lynne said...

Congratulations! We are so excited for you to move to Davis County. We will have to get together since we will be living close! I understand what you mean about missing Logan. Craig and I really miss Logan somedays. Let me know where you end up living, we will have to come visit! Congrats again!