Wednesday, August 12, 2009

my brain feels mushy

My favorite shampoo and conditioner combo is Dumb Blonde by TIGI. I'm a natural blonde, but I do get highlights. I think they're seeping in.

It's a known fact that seizure medications lessen your ability to recall information. I first noticed it after about six months on my meds, when I could stay awake for more than two hour increments. My fourteen-year-old self mentioned it to my neurologist in this form, "My brain feels funny. Like, I feel like I'm like....slower, less sharp." Despite the number of "likes" in that sentence, he said he was impressed. He said most people don't even notice.

The lessening of my sharpness continued but was less noticeable throughout the years. I did great in my AP classes, got a handful of college scholarships, and finally graduated college Cum Lade. During the past few years though, and a new med, the dulling of my brain has reached new levels. I have almost zero short term memory....well it's actually like medium term memory. I can't recall things that we did like, last year...or like two years ago. I'm saying "like" again.

So anyway, back to my new levels of airheadedness. Last week at my doctor's appointment to get my VNS turned up, I could NOT remember how tall I was. It went down like this:

Nurse: How tall are you?
Me: *pause* uh....uh...fiiive.....sev...en.
Nurse: five-seven?
Me:, five-six, sorry...
Nurse: Like five-six and a half? That's pretty close.
Me, thinking that I'm more like five-five and a half: Um, I guess. Sorry...I was thinking of you... (looking at Spencer)
Spencer: I'm not five-seven. (He's five-ten and a half.)
Me: Um...I know...I'm really tired...
Nurse: Uh...ok....let's get you in a room...
Spencer, once we're in the room: What was THAT?

Now, let's fast forward to last night. I took a bottle of dressing out of the fridge, examined the expiration date, 9/29/09, poured some out, sniffed it, and...

Me: Does this look alright to you?
Spencer: Yeah, why?
Me: It expired last year but it looks fine and I swear we just bought it!
Spencer: It says '09.
Me: Yeah, I know.
Spencer: September of '09. It's August.
Me: I know but '09.
Spencer: It is '09.
*long pause*
Me:! It is '09!! Honey, I've been writing 2010 on like...EVERYTHING for like...a few weeks now!
Spencer: Seriously?
Me: Yes! Like...Oh my gosh!! Look at the headers on the page I did tonight!!!

Spencer, laughing hysterically: Hon, you'd better go back over all of your work for the past few weeks....

I checked,, and all of the department websites that I manage. It's still 2009. Our rent check may be a little post-dated though....


Heidi said...

I hardly know you but man I like you! You make me giggle!

Kari said...

That's pretty funny. I probably say that many "likes" as a 24 yr old. I'm bad.

Southam's said...

Oh Chelsi, I can always count on you for a good laugh.

JeriLynn said...

No fair! First you make me cry with your sweet comment, then you make me laugh. Oh Chelsi, I LOVE YOU!!! *weeping emoticon*

JeriLynn said...

PS That will go down as the most sweetest compliment I've ever received, by the way. Thank you so much!

Seantae Jackson said...

At least you can blame it on something! You're still top notch in my book... and I love the forced wedding march.

Candace Thomas said...

Man I like you! I tell ya sometimes I stop in the middle of a sentence and when Mike asks me to finish I can't even remember what we were talking about. But at least you have a good story right?