Friday, August 28, 2009

saucy mama

I love sauce. Like REALLY love it. I dip EVERYTHING. Sometimes what I eat depends entirely on the sauce. For instance, if husband says Wendy's or McDonald's? I think, " I in the mood for honey mustard (Wendy's) or sweet n' sour (McDonald's)?"

When we go through the drive through, he always asks for extra sauce for me. I always do a sauce check too. I cannot eat it if they forget my sauce. If they forget it, husby knocks on the window, or if we have driven off, he goes back. A former friend of mine is the exact same way about her sauce. But she frequently said that her husband never will go back or knock on the window. He just makes her eat it sans sauce. I found it tragic.

I fell in love with my husband all over again last week when he got takeout for us on Friday night. I got sticky finger quesadillas and it came with this:

For all of this:

I don't THINK so! I was obviously crushed. I said, "Ohhh noooo!! Look what they did! What the hell is this?! That's only enough sauce for like one quesadilla! Boooo!"

Husband replied, "I know. That's why I checked then got you this," and pulled this out:

Husband: 100
Winger's: 0

It's the little things that count.


Lori said...

He gets bonus points. love it.

JeriLynn said...

Awesome! Jay does these kinds of things for me, too. Except phone calls. I hate making phone calls (I've gotten better), and I've always tried (unsuccessfully) to get Jay to make them for me. lol. (He says over my shoulder that he's just insisting on me doing difficult things that are good for me. Meh!)

Spence is so cute. You deserve him!

J_B_Fisher said...

Hey, speaking of your husband, I rather enjoyed speaking with him a while back. I notice he hasn't posted anything on his blog recently; he should. Also, I'd love it if he would comment on this:

The VNS sounds great. I hope it works very, very well for you.

Seantae Jackson said...

Trev and I met at Wingers... and man that sauce sounds good. How are you feeling? Are you guys ready for some help, or are you already moved? I think you and Cameron are related... he literally drinks sauce :)

Scott and Katie Dietrich said...

Love it!! I hate not having sauces!! My husband will go back or knock on the window also!!