Tuesday, September 8, 2009


i had 2 seizures last wednesday. why? we're moving. i hate moving. that much. luckily we're moving to a great house we're renting from some great people in syracuse. more on that greatness later.

in the meantime, while i finish packing, here's what i've been up to...ya know, to hold you over.

onesies for my pseudo-niece, Layla:

cross-stitching of our family motto for my father-in-law's birthday. yes, this is really our family motto:



amelia said...

wow, those cards are cute.

and hey-- you're moving? that means you'll be closer to me, somewhat. Sandy's just across the way. you shall have to come visit and console me in my joblessness, eh?

Candace Thomas said...

I guess I have missed some of your posts...so I have a lot to comment on. Congrats on the job (to Spencer)! I am excited that you are moving closer, maybe now we can really do lunch and you can show me how you make such adorable things. AND last but not least...I too love sauce. A girl after my own heart. Mine mostly consists of honey mustard and fry sauce, and I seriously eat three sauces to the hubby's one. So props to Spencer for looking out for you! But really I want to come see you:)

Natalie said...

What? tutorial please!!

Good luck on the move

e said...

OMG that means you are going to be right next to my sister...which means that when we come up and visit her I can sneak away and visit you! That is awesome.

I'm sorry that moving caused the seizures! That's freakin' lame. I should tell my parents that I can't move out of their house cause it might cause a seizure. Do you think they would believe it?

And that sisters card is adorable (as is the lovebirds but less applicable to my life)

Erin said...

that family motto totally deserves a cross-stitch... and maybe a pillow. love it.

JeriLynn said...

Syracuse? That's so close to my mil. Maybe we can stay w/you instead of her, lol. (Shhhh!)

I'm sorry about your seizure. That's so crumby.

You are so freaking talented!!!!

Mandy said...

Yay, your Syracuse move is excellent news! We'll have to go to lunch one Saturday and catch up!

Seantae Jackson said...

You're amazing. I'm not sure how you manage to have siezures, move, AND make amazing beautiful things. I'm trumped! PLEASE call if you guys need any help!

Goldies said...

Congrats on the move!! That's a great job for Spencer. When are you moving? Let me know if you need any help, I can pack and Aaron oddly really likes to move stuff. So there you go. Good luck!! The onsies by the way are so cute, I see those at Jo-Ann's all the time but Tatton is too big for them now. It makes me sad.