Monday, October 19, 2009

always clean your room

I just finished deep cleaning the house. I'm pooped. It's amazing how much more an additional 200 square feet can add to your cleaning routine!

I have white counters again. You have to clean those more. They show. (I really am a very clean person, really.) It reminds me of my bathroom in college. After 18 years of loving to help my mom clean the bathrooms, (everything ends up so shiny!) I took a hiatus. I was busy, okay? I had my own bathroom, so what did it matter, really? When I wasn't studying or working on projects I was busy going out with my friends, in class, at the gym, or working! When did I have time to clean? Perhaps on the occasional Saturday when I woke up before 1:00, which wasn't often.

This hiatus never posed a problem. Nobody ever saw my bathroom but me, so whatev? Right? Until this day. I had an evil professor. She taught History of English Literature. She hated me and made me write my essay on Beowulf three times. I hated her, and Beowulf. After rewrite #3 she asked to meet with me. The night before, I found my beloved pet frog, Prince, belly up in his tank. I was sad and really nervous to meet Dr. Jensen. My boyfriend consoled me.

My meeting was at like 3:00. At said meeting, Dr. Jensen told me I couldn't write and advised me to change my major. I told her she was mistaken, and that one day, she'd realize that. I found an empty bathroom and cried hot, angry tears until about 5:00.

As I walked home, I was a little miffed that Ian hadn't called to see how my meeting was. I called him to report, but he didn't answer. I got slightly more miffed. I walked in the door and sighed at my empty apartment, wishing someone was home.

I moped to my bedroom door and opened it. I blinked a few times to be sure I wasn't delusional. My bed was made, my clothes were put away, and a note was sitting by my fish tank, which was filled with two new froggies. The note went something like this (yeah I kept it):

"Hey beautiful! I thought you could use a little cheering up after your bad day. I hope your meeting went well. But if it didn't, she's crazy. She doesn't know what she's talking about and you'll prove her wrong.

I got you two new frogs; they're boyfriend and girlfriend. I thought we could name them Romeo and Juliet. ;) See you tonight!


I immediately started crying. He was so sweet! I admired the frogs and then gasped horrified at my bathroom. Oh. My. Gosh. He'd seen my bathroom!! I rushed in and turned on the light, even more horrified. It was clean. The white counter was white again, no longer covered in a film of blonde hair and various colors of powder, eyeshadow, and sparkle. The mirror was shiny, without a layer of hairspray. The faucet glimmered without water spots. My head spun. At least my toilet was always clean. At least.

I called to thank him incessantly and expressed my embarrassment about the state of my room, especially my bathroom. He just laughed and responded, "No biggie. It's been busy! But you know, it doesn't take that much for you to look that good. I've seen you undone before." I remembered, again, horrified. The week before, I'd had an awful cold and he'd brought me soup and herbal tea. I'd just gotten out of the shower and had on holey sweats.

My mother's annoying words rang from then on in my ears, "Your house should always be clean, your bed should always be made, and you should always have makeup on. You never know who might drop by."

Mom, you are so right. Luckily, I have people in my life who've loved me anyway...gross bathroom, unmade bed, bare face, and holey sweats included.

3 comments: said...

Hi. Really glad I stumbled across your blog. THe perfect thing to read on a chilly Monday night!
I'm gonna paste a link below, to a video by Leah, which tells the story of how she met her soulmate. It's a really nice piece. Take a look and I hope you agree.

Candace Thomas said...

Funny post. I can keep my house clean for two weeks straight and then the one day that it's not someone stops by. Story of my life. I can totally hear your mom saying giving that speech...because she is SO put together. And of course it rubbed off on YOU:)

mommy princess said...'ve seen my bathroom. You still love me right:) BTW I'd better be at the top of the list of people who love you anyway.