Monday, October 26, 2009

Dress design for Shabby Apple Dresses

When I was younger I always wanted to be a fashion designer.  I desperately wanted to go to FIDM (Lauren Conrad went there.) and I took all the fashion design and merchandising classes I could in high school.  (That's where I met Shani.)  As the time for college approached and I did more research, I realized that if I wanted to be a mom, maybe fashion design wasn't the right career for me.  So, I pursued one of my other passions, writing.  My passion for fashion never faded though- I continued to sketch designs throughout the years.

When I got married and took out my endowments, thereby donning my garments, I tried to lengthen my just-a-little-too-short hemlines with leggings, added sleeves to my sleeveless shirts with shrugs, and wore camis under things that were just a little too low.  After a while, all those layers became absolutely exhausting!

It was by my fellow fashionista and LDS friend, Natalie, that I came across Shabby Apple.  Shabby Apple offers affordable dresses that are modest AND chic.  Oh-so-fabulous clothes are even more fab without layer upon layer.  My favorite line is the Manhattan line.  It has a very vintage feel to it, which I adore.  I also love this black slip, which I put underneath my dresses, from other vendors, that are just a little too short, but too cute not to buy. 

To mine and Shani's great delight, Shabby Apple is having a dress design contest!  Naturally, we both entered.  Here are my entries:

This dress was inspired by these two dresses that were much cuter on the hanger than on a person.



It would be made of 100% cotton knit fabric, with tulle accents.  The skirt would have a tighter fit and be pleated, as would the tulle accents and the puff sleeves.  This dress is a great wear-to-work dress and appropriate for other events as well.

The inspiration for this design was my favorite bird, the peacock.

The body of this dress would be an embroidered white poly-blend fabric that has some shimmer to it.  There would be a slip underneath with soft tulle accents.  Faux peacock feathers would adorn the sleeves and a blue satin sash would be fastened at the waist by a faux pearl buckle.  A matching buckle would be made into a hair clip, with a peacock feather attached.

The inspiration for this dress was the 30's and 40's era, which I am soooo in love with.  I wish I was born in that era.  The other inspiration was this dress that I clipped years ago.  Check out the headband!

This dress would be made of a peach-colored satin with an ivory lace overlay.  The silhouette of the dress would have a very vintage feel due to its lines.  The sleeves would be longer, the neckline deep, and the fit a little loose.  The edges of the dress would be ruffled due to the lace overlay, which would be slightly longer than the satin slip, which would have a higher neckline.  There would also be a removable peach satin sash.  The headband would be as the one in the picture, simply made of lace with a faux peony accent.

The inspiration for this dress was this design that I did back in '05.  The inspiration for the original design was an iris.  In my new design, I lengthened the hemline, added sleeves, and raised the neckline.


The entire dress would be made of a poly-cotton blend with a beautiful rose pattern on it.  The yellow skirt would be wrapped around the bodice, which would be made of the blue accent fabric, and fastened by a faux sapphire broach.  The blue accent fabric would also peek from beneath the skirt and accented by an additional broach.  The puff sleeves would be made of the same yellow fabric and be edged in blue.  The birdcage veil would be in the same yellow as the dress.  The headpiece would be wire wrapped in the same blue fabric.

So, there are my designs!  Why so much tulle, lace, feathers and head gear?  Because I want to bring glam back into every day life.  I want to wear birdcage veils because I'm going to the grocery store, and a lace headband because I'm going to the movies.  I want to feel beautiful in every moment, and I want all women to have that opportunity.   Wish me luck!!


Kari said...

Wow, I draw stick figures.

Did you change your settings so feeds (like Google Reader) only show part of your post? Shame!

Lori said...

I would totally buy the Peony.

Good luck!

Julie and KC said...

Chels, your awesome! Those are beautiful!!

mommy princess said...

Can I buy one of each? I've been checking your blog like every other day dying to see your designs. I wish I could have had time to do more than one. One day right. P.S. one of the best things I ever did was take Fashion design. With out it I might have missed out on one of the best parts of my life. "YOU" xo

e said...

umm...I love them all! Can you design clothes for me like all the time? And I totally heart the birdcage idea....I defiantly need me some of those. You should so win!

JeriLynn said...

Um, wow! I love pretty dresses. Love, love, love them! Yours are so professional. I hope you win!

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