Friday, November 27, 2009

oh yes i did

I wore a birdcage veil to church on Sunday.  Compliments of the hubs and Charlotte Russe, $2.50.  Little girls pointed and stared, but in a good way.

Sidenote: I can never avoid the necklace around the boob thing.  Also, I wore the flirt slip by Shabby Apple underneath.   Thank you, Natalie.


Karen said...

Good for you! When are we going to grab some dinner?!

Candace Thomas said...

You look stinking cute! And I love the boob thing...its hard to avoid:)

mommy princess said...

You pulled it off without a hitch! I want that slip sooo bad. Do you know that back in the flapper days the girls would wrap thier chests to look flat so that their necklaces would hang straight down? Crazy huh!

e said...

You little fashionista! It makes me want to break out long gloves, deep red lipstick and possibly a tragic past to accompany the femme fatale image. :)

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