Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Remember to Breathe

Spence here,I just wanted to take this opportunity to publicly express how much I love my adorable wife.

As many of you know by now, before Chelsi and I began to date, we were great friends. Often times, this formula isn’t the greatest for the “sweep me off my feet” whirlwind romance that every fairy tale describes. As you can imagine Chelsi NEVER wanted to marry some guy who meandered his way into her heart via the friendship highway. So I wanted to share the shortened version of how we fell in love.

The sparks actually began to flicker for me earlier than it did for Chels. It was the day of the HOWL in 2005… I had a date for the HOWL but I had an inkling that my date was going to bail on me. So I pleaded for Chelsi to be the third wheel and save me if my date doesn’t show. SURPRISE my date never showed (she never called, nothing) so needless to say I was pretty bummed out. But Chels came through in the clutch. We had a blast at the HOWL and afterward we went back to her apartment to watch a movie. White Noise =SCARY!

As I went to leave Chelsi grabbed my arm and said, “Do you think you might be able to sleep on the Love Sac tonight? I’m the only one staying here tonight?”

After a toss and turn night on the Love Sac, I woke up early to Chels peacefully asleep in her bed. I slipped her a note that said “Pippy (that is what I called her when we were "just friends"). Thank you for turning one of the most horrible nights into one of the best… I’ve seen never a more beautiful sleeping beauty, both last night and this morning.”

We hung out a few times after that but over the next few months I began crushing on Chelsi more and more. Our next official date was the infamous New Years Eve date.

I knew that that date was different because I went through like 5 outfit changes before I went to pick Chelsi up from her house. Chelsi later told me that she was going through a similar process and wondering why she cared so much, “it was just Spence.” I was reminded of this while driving home from work the other day and listening to my iPod when this Dashboard Confessional song came on …

I settled on Jeans, a green Element t-shirt and a black zip-up Saves The Day jacket… and black flip-flops… yes even on Dec. 31st. Chelsi was obviously was more stylish than me. She was sporting Jeans with hot Gold Cowgirl Boots, an orange top with gold sequins and a white half jacket and of coarse great accessories to match.

Midnight struck, and under the fireworks in the rain…I began to sweep her off of her feet.


Chelsi said...

You're so damn cute. I was remembering that night too when I was cleaning and Remember to Breathe came on. Ps. I hope this post doesn't hurt "your date's" feelings! Eeek!

Rich's said...

Chelsi, you have one cute husband!!! Loved the post......NOW, how did the contest go!!!!

JeriLynn said...

Oh, this made my belly tickle. I'm tired, so I hope that makes sense. Cute story, Spence. I'm so happy you two are sappy!

Leslie said...

okay.. still stalking. Found his version of the Love Story.. So jealous.. my husband refuses to write "his" side and assures me that my side is wrong on many aspects. :)