Wednesday, December 23, 2009

party like it's 1983

Our dear friend Skyler recently turned 26.  To celebrate his birth, he had an 80's dance party at his venue, The Collective Loft, which was pretty much the funnest party EVER.  I'm trying to convince him to have a dance party once a month.  I'll keep you updated. 

Anyway, I thought I'd post some pics, since it was like an episode of Saved by the Bell.  By the way, we won best dressed.  Enjoy.


that's water, ps.

The boys.  Sky's the one with the sweet steps.

You really can't help but get down to 80's stuff.
We danced for four straight hours.

I LOVED this girl's dress.  I also loved my shoulder pads.

That nice rose adds a few extra pounds to the plush polyester eh?  Fabulous!
By the way, I had so much hairspray and makeup on that I showered twice.


mommy princess said...

You both look amazing. I especially like Spencer's Molestash. (that's what Stan calls em) That's such a great idea for a party. 80's music is my fave. Stan's turning 30 (sept.)this next year and was born in 1980. I could totaly use this as our theme. I'll call you for ideas.

J_B_Fisher said...

Is that really Spencer? Wow, I wouldn't recognize him. Your costumes are both great! Your hair is gorgeous!!

I can't believe you text the KGB. Spencer lets you?! Sorry about the urinalysis. :P That's so crappy.

Don't tell Jay I'm signed in as him.

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

awesomeness -- you two don't even look like yourselves!! Love that spence goes along with it all!