Sunday, December 6, 2009

shut UP!!

So ya know how I heart vintage clothing?  I stumbled upon this little gem of a website, the other day and about peed myself.  I want everything on this page.  Especially the following:
I love love love boots with bows.

 These ones are called "Unicorn Princess Heels."  Yes, please.

Look at the adorable bird perched on this adorable mirror that would look adorable in my room!

This is an adorable planner.

I'm very into birds right now.

Also gloves.  Sidenote: The red ones would match the boots.  And they're like Alice Cullen's.  And they have bows.


So Jackie O.
Caroling anyone?

I'm also totally into eyeshadow.  These would make excellent additions to my collection, yes?

Ps.  Did you know 80's clothing is now considered vintage?  I'm totally selling my scrunchies I've saved.


Kari said...

i love the shadow on the left. is this your christmas list?

Candace Thomas said...

I wish I had saved my scrunchies...rats! I guess I will have to buy yours:)

silk scarves said...

The Jackie O is wonderful!