Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Spence Here,

Let me share a scenario that happen to me. Yesterday, I decided that it would be funny to change my ring-tone to a very funny, but highly inappropriate song. When I got home I played the ring-tone for my lovely wife and she said, "you better be careful." "It'll be funny" I said. "If anyone were to hear it, they would just laugh."

On to today...

I usually set my phone to a low ring while I'm at work just in case Chelsi needs me for anything; but sometimes I forget.

This morning I was very busy right out of the gate. I was getting emails and calls (on the office phone) and even the owner of the company walked into my lil cubie to pass off a special project to me. While working on that project, I needed to go downstairs to discuss something with our purchasing department. When I left my desk, I left my cell phone on it... and then it happened.... someone called.

(If you're easily offended by SNL or Andy Sandberg... don't listen)

Please note that the volume was loud enough for the entire office to hear!!!


Jason and Kristen said...

Jason just said "right on!" hahaha :) way to go Spence

Heidi said...

SPENCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my heck!!! That is SO HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! I can't quit laughing! If I was one of the co-workers I just would have died laughing - you are never going to live that down. SO FUNNY!!!!! Next time listen to your wife!!!

Jane said...

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It's so funny, really, I can't also stop laughing and thinking what was the reaction of the whole office when they heard the sounds.

Scott and Katie Dietrich said...

That is HILARIOUS!!!

Love your blog!! Love reading it!

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