Friday, February 5, 2010

grammar nazi

This happened:

Hi Jane,
My husband and I would like to schedule an appointment to do a walk through sometime Saturday.  Let me know if this is possible.

I am in the office on Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00pm let me know when A good time is for you and all be ready.

Jane Doe

Hi Jane,
Is 2:00 okay?

Perfect all see you then!


Dear Jane,
While the word I'll does sound like the word all (if you have an accent), it is actually a conjunction of the words I and will.  For example, instead of saying, I will be ready or I will see you then, you can say, I'll be ready and I'll see you thenAll be ready implies that all persons involved should be ready and is a command.  The same thing goes for all see you then, but this is even more awkward.  From now on, please learn to distinguish between all and I'll.  I hope this little lesson helps you further advance in your pathetic life, which sadly, is probably better than mine at the moment. 

Chelsi Johnston

Okay so I may not have sent that last e-mail, but I wanted to.  I can excuse it once.  Maybe you were thinking something and wrote what you were thinking.  It happens.  But twice?  No.


amelia said...

oh my goodness....

this poor world we live in...

Candace Thomas said... English her 1st language? No really, is it?

Candace Thomas said... English her 1st language? No really, is it?

Heidi said...

I like that you're a nerd like me. I do this stuff ALL the time!!! Hahahaha

Lori said...

i wish there was an "i love this" button.

Kari said...

people are soooo stupid. i also hate "why" for "while" and pregnate. Pregnate?! seriously????

Mandy said...


I haven't seen that one before, but that's especially painful!

e said...

wow. that's kind of amazingly horrifying. really. I submit that that is not okay even if you do have an accent. Just not okay.

on a side note, what about my usage of "that that"?

Erin said...

these kind of things make me feel really good about myself.

J_B_Fisher said...

All try to remember this.

Actually, the thing that people do in recent year's is to use apostrophe's in incorrect way's, such as to indicate pluralization. Do you notice that (like I do) every time someone does it, and does it drive you crazy?

Jeri mentions that when we were playing LOTRO she was referred to as the "grammar police" by people in her kinship (it's like a social group) because she was always correcting people. They gave her a mock gift of something like the "tight leggings of grammar".