Thursday, February 18, 2010

honey, wake up! look at this dress.

Lisa Edelstein was on Chelsea Lately last night.  She had the CUTEST dress on.  I want it really, really, really bad.  I woke up Spencer to look at it.  It's too short, (she was even having issues sitting down) but could easily be made longer.  I couldn't find a picture but here's a vid.

Lengthen the skirt a bit and put a sheer pleated cream fabric behind the slit in the tulip skirt....perfection.  Notice it's the same color as one of my Shabby Apple submissions.  Notice that color is HOT this season.  Also notice the tulip lines of her dress are the same as Shani's submission.  Notice neither of us won and some lame-o did.  Notice I'm not bitter. 

Ps. If you have our playlist up for a while, Spence has a little musical snack from Saturday's Warrior for you to enjoy.  I laughed really hard when I heard it because we frequently start singing that to each other in goofy opera voices.  "I've seen that smile somewhere before..."


Kari said...

first of all does chelsea not wear makeup? second, you're so very andy andersen with the musical snack comment. :) i was thinking just yesterday that i would like to watch that movie.

ps screw shabby apple.

JeriLynn said...

Oh, I love that dress! I got a kick watching her try to sit. But the tulip design freaking rocks!

Well, you might not be, but I'm bitter you didn't win! The dress that won sucked, and the only reason they picked it was because someone professional designed it, so they wouldn't have to worry about designing the specific patterns. It wasn't even cute, and I hope it flunks in the sales department!!!!


mommy princess said...

See!!! We totaly know whats up! I was having major de-ja-vue watching that dress! I love the sleaves:) That Saturday's Warriors song took me back a few years. Remember when we used to not think the song was cheesy?