Monday, February 1, 2010


Last night I was ambien texting.  Kinda like drunk texting but not as funny.  Did you know they have an iphone app that blocks certain contacts for an alloted time period when you're most likely happy hour?  Yeah, to prevent drunk texting. 

So, Spence and I were thinking, what about when you're not drunk, but you're a typical girl.  Remember that urge to call your ex or "accidentally" send them a text "meant for someone else?"  Yeah, you remember; it was last month!  I still have the urge and I'm MARRIED.  (I just want to remind them of what they're missing.)  They should totally have an app were you have to call your best friend and have them push send before you call or text your ex.  Tell me, how awesome would that be?  It would've saved me a few times.  I can just hear Deneal saying, "No, Moto!  I am NOT pushing send!"  Haha!  Ironically, to develop this app, I would need the help of my programmer ex boyfriend....who said I wasn't technical enough.  ;)


Mandy said...

Did that picture come from Because Lisa and I love that site!

You rock and I can definitely find you non-douchey people to help program an app to force somebody sober to click send!

e said...

that would be awesome. maybe it would be a program hide certain people's phone numbers from you after 10:00 or something like that. I could have used it!

on a side note I have totally been checking out and found it to be hilarious! It makes me want to send a couple of those cards to certain people....