Monday, March 29, 2010

twenty-six: a success

I have successfully been 26 for 12 days now.  I'll admit, I thought this birthday was going to be aw. ful.  I don't know why, I just had a feeling.  I was REALLY wrong.

Spencer had to work, but I still woke up to this:

and this:

On my birthday I received a number of singing calls and birthday texts, which I just love.  Moto and Miley tied for best birthday song.   I went shopping with my mom and my grandma, whose birthday is a few days after mine.  I made these fascinators for the event.  (Yes, I dyed my hair darker.  I hate it.)

Then, Spencer made me a gourmet dinner and gave me my presents: the song, below, and a pirated copy of New Moon, made possible by one who will remain nameless lest he/she serve five years in a federal prison.  I will say, however, that he/she is a super neat fellow/gal.

Spencer also got me a custom Coldstone birthday cake.  Unholy amounts of chocolate, people. Un. holy.

My parents got me a Cricut!  I was super duper excited and have already made many exciting things with it. With a giftcard from my grandma, I ordered this software which allows you to use fonts from your computer, eliminating the need for font cartridges.  I highly recommend it. 

On Sunday my family had a birthday party for me and I received much love and attention, followed by the following presents:

A cupcake recipe book and kit from the Youngs, and A high-heeled cake server, scraper, and expensive shampoo and conditioner (which I dropped on my toe) from the Big Johnstons.

This jewelry and purse from my Mother-in-law:

And a belly-dancing kit from her too.  Yes, she is THAT awesome.

I still have a giftcard from my father-in-law and my uncle to spend.  I might hoard them until October when I tend to spend excessive amounts of money.

THEN on March 20th, the day I was adopted, my mom and dad came over with a card that made me CRY my EYES out and these:

Then, since in my family birthWEEKs are observed, the next weekend we went to SLC with our friends Dane and Heidi and went to Bucca di Beppo, where we ordered enough food to feed an army, and I ordered a chocolate chip cannoli, even though I got a free giant cupcake, and Heidi and I ate both of them.

Then, I wanted to show Spencer a display at Z Gallerie, but we only had ten minutes to park and get to the store, so Dane, Spencer, Heidi and I SPRINTED across Gateway and made it just in time.  Then we saw The Bounty Hunter.  Good times, good times!

It was a very happy birthday indeed.


Anonymous said...

How freakin' fun! Now you have to make cupcakes and bring them in to work! We can be your guinea pigs!

Kari said...

i can't believe shampoo did that to your toe. and i think it's awesome that you celebrate your adoption day.

Candace Thomas said...

You just made me excited for my big 2.6. Happy Birthday...again! p.s. I saw Holly at church. Love her. Could you two give me some of your style?

JeriLynn said...

Happy late 26th birthday! I like your darker honey locks. And your outfit, jewelry, flowers, and other awesome gifts. You are so spoiled!