Wednesday, March 10, 2010

joy in the simple things

Recently I took a bath in my beautiful jetted bathtub eating a Coldstone creation (brownie batter ice cream with brownie bits, chocolate chips, and fudge...what?!  I like chocolate okay?) by candlelight, listening to classical music while reading a romance novel.  And the world was just as it should be.  A few days later it rained during the day, so I took a nap and fell asleep listening to the rain, just like I used to every time it rained in college.  I'm getting better at this patience thing, I think.

I'm such a planner, such a dreamer, that I'm always waiting for the next thing, or reminiscing about the past.
I can't wait till I go to college (although life really did do a 180 after that), I can't wait till I get married, I can't wait till we have a dog (also a 180), I can't wait till we have a house, I can't wait till Obama is out of office, I can't wait till we have kids, I can't wait till we have more money...etc, etc, etc. 
Well guess what?  I've had to wait (and am still waiting) for all of these events.  And guess what else?  As I imagine how my life might have gone had I not had to scares me to death and I'm so grateful for the waiting.  If I hadn't had to wait, I wouldn't have much of a past to reminisce about.

It was one of my New Year's resolutions to live in the moment and enjoy stop just surviving.  That part of my life is over, the surviving part.  And I kinda like it.

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e said...

Chocolate decadence in the bathtub? You scandal! How about in the hot tub in Vegas? I think it's a good idea...we totally have to do it!

and you say the waiting is worth it right?