Tuesday, April 13, 2010

reasons number 4,839,475-4,839,479 why i love my bella

Today my baby girl is three.  I love her.  A lot.  She gave me a little furball of hope when I needed it most.  She is my angel.  She eases the baby ache.  She eases all aches, really.  She teaches me.  Prepares me for motherhood in some degree.  She embodies pure, pure, pure love.  She has not a mean bone in her little floppy body.  She's happy and sweet and loves everyone.  I wish I could be more like her.  It seems like only yesterday she could fit in my purse, totally willingly, and was too little to stand on inclines without rolling down helplessly.  Some of you may think I'm nuts, and that's okay.  Others of you totally get it.  She may be the most-loved dog in the history of the earth.  And now, just a few of the reasons why.  I did four, even though she's three.  (Excuse the alignment.  Blogger is annoying.)

1. She cuddles her toys when she sleeps.  She brings one to bed almost nightly.  Usually Count Totula.

2.  She is not a morning person.  Like her mom.  All of these were taken while I was getting ready for work.  She's not happy.

 That's my bra.  She hides it so I can't get ready.

3.  Cuddles.

4.  Dress up
Yep.  That's a snuggie.

Happy Birthday, Little Lovebug!  We love you.


Kari said...

Happy birthday Belle! I was just thinking the other day how it must be coming up.

~*Katie*~ said...

She's a cutie!!! Happy Birthday!

mommy princess said...

So glad you have Bella in your life. She's the perfect little angel dog. Give her some cuddles from me!

JeriLynn said...

Chelsi, you are the only person in the world who does not annoy me when you refer to your dog as your baby! I love the bra picture. Isn't she silly?