Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4 years and still testing your gag reflex

I few months ago, while at work, I decided to write my darling wife love letter. It was inspired by a book we bought a while back called Love Letters of Great Men Vol. 1. In this book, some of histories most famous characters like: Beethoven, Napoleon Bonaparte, Winston Churchill, Mozart, Tolstoy, Van Gogh, and Voltaire pour out their hearts in tribute to their drug of choice… I thought on our 4th anniversary I would share my thoughts about OUR love.

My Dearest Angel,

Today calls for no special occasion, no birthdays, nor anniversary. But there is one thing that today, as well as every other day brings to me; your kiss. I don’t know how I ever survived the days before I first had your kiss. It is the sun, the air I breathe and every other cliché ever uttered.

But in all seriousness, you truly are the essence of my being. It is unmistakable to see that the world we live in is one filled with sorrow; the anguish and heartache of loves lost and love never found. So I should consider myself among the lucky few who find the opportunity to meet their soul’s other half and capture it for eternity; but it’s not enough. Each day presents far too many obligations and distractions that force us to spend time apart. I find myself spending those moments in reverie of the next moment we can be together.

(I censored a paragraph that is for Chelsi’s eyes only)

Suddenly my daytime comatose is abruptly terminated by the sound of a ringing phone. My shoulders sink as I glance at the clock to see that 3 long hours separate me from your presence. And as I submit to realities harsh grasp, I still find solace in remembrance of the covenants we’ve made that bind us together as one for all of eternity. And though perplexed, I never cease to give thanks to the Lord above; that for the small price of one soul… an everyday ordinary man has the privilege to be adorned with an angel who can only be described as truly divine.

To my darling Angel, I want you to know that my heart, my soul, my life and all my talents I give to thee in the hope that, through me, all of your dreams, aspirations and dirty fantasies can be realized and that you may somehow feel about me, as I do about you.

With that, maybe history can look upon this letter as we do those penned by these great men. That our love will one day be immortalized into fairytale as the greatest the world has ever known. Our love, and my devotion to you, will serve as my life’s purpose and I will never cease to redefine the love I have for you; as it resides in every fiber of my being.

Endlessly Yours


mommy princess said...

That was beautiful. You two are MFEO:) Spence Thanks for taking care of my angel for me. I think of her often, I feel pain when she's sad, I pray for her when she's sick, but I never worry about her anymore. The second I met you I knew you were the perfect man for the job. And you havn't ever let me (or Chels;)Down. I'm starting to freak out a little bit, Stan leaves for boot camp in 13 days!

mommy princess said...
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