Saturday, July 10, 2010

best. weekend. ever.

Last weekend we celebrated our fourth anniversary.  We celebrated, of course, by going to the Anniversary Inn.  It was my year to plan and I picked the Taj Mahal room in Logan.  So, I don't mean to brag or anything, but I hit it out of the park.  The room was AMAZING!!  It was so grand and the details were amazing!  There were peacocks everywhere, which you know I love.  We didn't get many pictures so you'll have to visit the site.

It was quite possibly my favorite room.  It's a toss up between that and the Swiss Family Robinson room...but they're so different it's hard to compare.  It was definitely more romantic.

In keeping with the theme, we went to The Indian Oven and got takeout.

We've missed their food and antics and it is so cool that they started out in a gas station and now they have this amazing restaurant!

We watched Aladdin while we ate, because I didn't want to watch Slumdog Millionaire.  ;)

For our cake this year I kept with the theme and made a miniature Indian wedding cake.  It was my own design and fun to dream something up that actually turned out better than it was in my head!

Then I danced my first belly dancing performance!  I was so nervous!  I didn't know if I was good at it or not.  Nobody has ever seen me belly dance...not even me....just kind of in the TV reflection.  But, all my hard work paid off and Spencer was very impressed.  I'm excited to learn some more advanced moves.  Especially now that my outfit is complete, thanks to this.

We spent the day Friday eating at our favorite places, visiting our favorite spots, reminiscing, and running into friends.  It was sooo hard to leave!  We love the spot where the sagebrush grows.

Oh, and I drove home!  Not legally, but still.

Saturday we celebrated the holiday by watching our nieces attempt to ride lambs and catch pigs and chickens and fish.  It's as entertaining as it sounds!  Then, we cuddled and talked and kissed and cuddled and watched movies...and repeat.  It was soooooo amazing to have a whole FIVE days of uninterrupted us time to reconnect.  It felt like a second honeymoon.  This week has been hard for both of us because we miss each other so much.  We disgust you, don't we?  Sorry.

Happy Anniversary, honey.  Love you.


Kari said...

That room looks pretty cool, but The Indian Oven?? Ew. I lived in Cobble Creek, which was right next to the gas station, and woof. Sometimes I had to go in there to get change for laundry, and I always stunk when I came out after one minute of being in there. Gross. But granted, I have never eaten their food. I don't think I will, though!

Lori said...

happy anniversary!