Wednesday, July 7, 2010

happy chocolate day.

I don't know if many of you know this, but it's National Chocolate Day here in America. God bless it. As a chocoholic, I thought I'd take this time to honor this delectable treat that I turn ravenous for at least once a month. Obviously, my Daddy introduced me to the delights of chocolate at an early age.

Excuse the creative cropping...I started scrapbooking a bit early in life.  As an infant, cake batter was apparently my favorite.  As I've gotten older, my tastebuds have grown a bit more refined...maybe.

Some of my favorites:
This was a big winner for a while, but it's currently loosing to these:

I discovered this one-hundred-calorie sensation as a weight-conscious teen:

and to my great delight, these two have married and had this baby, the 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp:


On a bad day, this always has the power to cheer me up:

As does this:

This is Chocolate Devotion from Coldstone. It's chocolate icecream, fudge, brownies, and chocolate chips, though I have them remove the chocolate chips and add marshmallow and carmel...basically making my custom version of Phish Food. See, Phish Food is the creamiest, yummiest, fluffiest thing ever and it just melts in your mouth...but then you get a stupid fudge fish and it ruins the heaven of the texture. Perhaps I will write to them and ask they melt the fish.

This chocolate mouse dessert shooter from Applebee's has the lovely texture I like, and it's mini, which makes me feel less guilty.

And finally, my favorite thing ever, best enjoyed in a candle-lit (2-4 hour) bubble bath with a great novel, chocolate covered pomegranate seeds:

Heaven. Pure heaven.

Now, go eat something chocolate and spend an extra half hour on the elliptical; it's worth it.


amelia said...

oh my goodness. now i want to try all of those all at once....

Kari said...

yummiest post ever. molten chocolate cake from chili's is on my list. YUMMMMM. and aunt linda's fudge cake from cheesecake factory. you gotta try that. it's probably the best thing in the world.