Wednesday, August 18, 2010


It never seemed like an important thing.  None of my friends ever really liked any of my boyfriends, and I was okay with it.  I knew why I loved them, my friends didn't have to.  Until Spencer.  My friends love him.  Always.  And it reminds me of why I love him too.

Today I had this g-chat...apparently after another g-chat occurred.

friend: btw
your husband is awesome.
and gives awesome advice

me: when did he give you awesome advice?
(and i know, and thank you)

friend: earlier today

me: really? do tell

friend: I needed someone to talk to but you weren't online
so I g-chatted with him

me: aww tender. and?

And later...

me: he is so logical ;)
i'm glad you feel like you can talk to him
he is quite the keeper isn't he?

friend: ha. yes he is. it was just the kind of advice I needed at the moment.
yeah he is.
yeah...he really is.

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mommy princess said...

I'd claim him. What other guy would stay up and not only survive girl talk, but manage to exchange relevant and witty banter until 3:AM?