Monday, August 16, 2010

thanks, al gore.

And I will not be ashamed to admit it.  It has started a few precious relationships, fertilized many relationships, and maintained more relationships than I can count.  It finds me the perfect present, a great recipe, medical advice, and ends factual debates, as well as lyrical debates.  It teaches me things, like how to fold a fitted sheet, or how to spin sugar, or how to do a lot of things in photoshop.  It has helped me plan weddings, parties, and finances.  It provides me with a medium in which to use my voice, showcase my talents, and finally, provides me (us) with a living.   

And today I found something else it does.  I'm designing a website and wanted to use an image that I found with google search.  But I need permission from the author.  I got the picture off of some pastor's blog...the author could be anywhere.  No worries, I just googled "best reverse image search" which directed me to  I uploaded my image and it found the original source in 60 seconds.  I got on the author's website and e-mailed him for permission.  Awesome.  AND since he is in Mexico, google translator even translated my message into Spanish, just in case.

Thanks, Al Gore.


amelia said...

wow. that is awesomely good to know.

Kari said...

i love the internet too much. don't you hate asking for permission to use pictures? maybe this is stupid, but I don't really understand why you have to. you don't have to ask a writer to quote them, so why do you have to ask a photographer to post their picture? I have thought about posting that question on my blog.

mommy princess said...

If I ever have internet questions you're who I call. Did you know you're the reason I started a blog? BTW Go to my blog and check out my first wedding cake!!!

Darci Lynne said...

I just watched the video about folding fitted sheets. Aaaaa-mazing. My life might never be the same. Also, when I watched that video on youtube, youtube kindly suggested that I might want to watch a video on how to fold a thong. Yep, a 56 second video on folding a thong. Cause they take up so much space, they really need to be condensed down into a neatly folded package. Thank you, youtube, my thousands of thongs can now be neatly organized.