Monday, October 18, 2010

haunting halloweens

I got my Halloween costume today.  Get excited.  I looooooooooooove Halloween.  See my post "Ode to Autumn."  I think I love it even more now because it's when Spencer and I fell in love.  I get all misty-eyed whenever we go to a Haunted House, watch a scary movie, or dress up.

Speaking of dressing up, The Dating Divas are having a Halloween Couples Costume Contest.  This is my entry.  Wish me luck.

 Year one:  Sleeping Beauty and her unicorn, Bernard.

Year Two: JFK and Marilyn Monroe

Year Three: Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion

This year we're not matching.  And I didn't make his costume.  Sad.  But he looks really sexy in it.  Halloween 2010 pics coming soon!!


Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

I think you love Halloween as much as I hate it! Crazy girl.

Tara said...

Hi Chelsi!

Your pic submitted in our contest was TOO cute....I had to check out your blog. SO glad I did, you two are adorable! I love your sidebar info...especially, "We're getting really good at this marriage thing." Love it!

I just read that you graduated in Graphic Design?!? We are currently constructing a NEW website for our blog and are searching for beautiful swirls that we can add to the top and side....any ideas?? Lemme know if you come up with anything....and I can pass it along to our "web guy". Just thought I would throw that out there....since I like the romantic feel of your blog....AND the fact that you are a fellow hopeless romantic! :) Good luck in the contest!

Tara from The Dating Divas

Anonymous said...


I wish just once Greg would dress up matching with me! :P You two are adorable! Good luck with this year's costumes! :)