Monday, October 11, 2010

miniature musings.

Bakerella's book, Cake Pops, comes with a warning on the inside cover.  It says something like, "Warning: Once you start making these adorable little things, you will not be able to stop."  She's right.  I'm obsessed.  I'm dreaming of cake pops.  I'm finding ANY excuse I can to make them.  I'm scouring Bakerella's website for more cake pop ideas.

Which brings me to my next point.  Remember how I got over my fear of pie?  Well, I found these.

Shut the hell up.  Pumpkin pie bites.  Are these not so adorable you want to slap yourself?  I know.  See, I need help.  Those sentences don't even make sense. When is Thanksgiving again?

My sister prefers pie instead of cake.  Her birthday was last month and I was going to make her a pie...but I chickened out.  Then I got over my pie fear, and I found these, and these. year...well...expect miniature pie.  Maybe many varieties.


Kari said...

First of all, cake kicks pie's ass ANYDAY. But I do like pumpkin pie, and I like mini things like that, so those look really good.

So are you eating all these cake pops you're making? If I made cake pops all the time, I'd weigh 400 pounds. I'm not great with self control.

Anonymous said...

Shut the hell up yourself! I am making these tonight! I was just scowering the Interweb for pumpkin cookie recipe (while I am supposed to be finding out what a float is in java, I such horrible studier!) because I want to make my own pumpkin puree tonight and wanted a recipe to go with it! These are fantastic and going to be in my oven so fast it will blow your mind!