Sunday, October 10, 2010

seize the day.

How hillariously awesome would it be if I got this T-shirt?

And I look really good in turquoise.


Kari said...

love it.

Oh, so last night my mom said, "Did you know Emi got a blessing from Elder Ukdorf? future husband..." and then when I laughed, she said, "I wonder what his wife looks like. I saw a small woman standing next to him at [something], and I'm cuter than she is." Thought you'd like those. :)

Lori said...

you know what's funny? when i saw your title in google reader i thought "aww crap she had another seizure." hee hee.


Lori said...

*buy the shirt, not have another seizure. just the clarify

JeriLynn said...

Oh, I get it! Seize. . . seizure. . . Sorry I didn't grasp that sooner. I thought you were referring to Newsies, and I was going to tell you that each of my children have their own modified Newsies song I sing to them. Well, I'm still working on Marshall's. . .

I remember after Elder Uchdorf was called, the RS women rattled on and on about how sexy he was. I thought that was funny.

Could you buy me a new wardrobe while you're at it?

Oh, and thanks for offering to send me a care package. You're a sweetie! Those cake-pops look yuuuuummmmmyyyyy.

And finally, remember when we talked about blessing dresses? The fourth one on my blog is the one I want to make for you as soon as I can. :)