Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Originally this was going to be a post about how much fun I have with the hubs.  Remember when you'd laugh over the stupidest things with your girlfriends until you were sick?  It's like that, except I totally make out with him and it's not just a phase.  Like the other day at church, the guy in front of us kept falling asleep and his son was getting really mad...Spencer and I were silently laughing so hard I was afraid I would pee.  Yeah, during church.  Or the other night we were doing Jersey Shore impressions and ended up on the floor.  Then he reloaded my ipod with new workout music for my first night back to the gymn since my seizure.  Today this chat occurred.  As you can see, I was planning on editing, but I left it uncut so you could see just what a gem he is.

I like him. Even more than I like Luda.


Kari said...

Who the hell is Luda?

Anonymous said...

haha JJ and i always do jersey shore impressions and die laughing. this was really cute and hilarious.