Tuesday, October 5, 2010

weekender: fall fashion, decor and baking

It's amazing how productive you can be while listening to the word of God.  This weekend, while listening to a fabulous conference, I accomplished quite a bit, which is great since I was so behind. Ps.  Who loves Elder Ukdorf?  I want to make a T-shirt like this:

Cute, no?  Anyway, with the help of my hubby, I did six loads of laundry, dusted, and FINALLY put up Halloween decorations.  I had Spencer dust before we put up the cobwebs and we laughed a bit at the irony.  (But once you put them up it's impossible to dust till they're down.)

Then I cleaned out my closet.  I purged it of two garbage bags full of my fat clothes headed to the DI.  I asked Spencer if I should keep any of them and he said, "Maybe just things you really like...just in case...heaven forbid...we have a health situation like before."  It scared me.  I only kept three shirts and a pair of slacks.  Hopefully I'll never see them again.  Then I packed up my summer clothes and got out my fall wardrobe, purging some of it as well.  I found that I need the following clothing items:
  • A fitted, somewhat embellished cream-colored shirt.  I have yet to find it.
  • A fitted, somewhat embellished navy blue shirt.  Like this one from Charlotte Russe:
  • A fitted hot pink sweater, maybe like this one if I can't find something longer:    
Cropped sweaters are NOT flattering on big-busted short-waisted gals like me.  Yeah, I'm whining about my boobs still.  I always need a hot pink sweater to wear with my rainboots.  This year's will be replacing this one from Old Navy that Spencer bought me to replace a sexy and not-garment-friendly off-the-shoulder sweater.  He bought it because of the birdie.  I loooove it and wear it all the time, but now it's too big. :(

    • Tights.  Grey, Blue, Black and Brown.  Like these from ModCloth:

    • A cream colored slip to go under my pencil skirts, like this one that I've wanted for years from vintage hem:

I have the same one in black and I wear it sooooo much.  It saves my skirts and dresses that are just a little too short.  I also like this one

    After cleaning out my closet and determining which things needed replacement, I baked some individual peach pies with some peaches my dad brought over.  I used ready-made pie crust that I already had and followed Danielle's instructions.  Basically toss them in sugar till crystallized and top with butter.  I made mine in my jumbo muffin tin because I'm into miniature things.  They looked pretty sloppy but I kind of like that look for pies...very pioneeresque.  I cut out a little flower in the top for ventilation and sprinkled them with cinnamon.  Spencer said they were deeelish.  So, first pie ever:  Success.  I don't know what I was so afraid of.

    All the pie fear must've really gotten to me though, because at about 10, I started to feel "weird" and then argued with Spencer about it. It went like this:

    "If you feel weird, let's give you an Ativan."
    "I have THREE meetings tomorrow.  I can't."
    "We need to give you an Ativan.  You can sleep it off."
    "I can't take an Ativan and go to work tomorrow!  It's 11:30!"
    "Well you can't go to work tomorrow if you have a seizure either."
    "I just feel weird.  I haven't even lost my words yet today.  Can we just wait and see if that happens or I have a partial complex?"
    "Fine.  But the second you lose your words I'm giving you an Ativan.  And I'm showering with you."
    "Okay, that's fine.  I don't know what to wea....magnet!  Magnet!!!!!!!"

    Then I had a really, really, really bad partial complex seizure.  It lasted for like four rounds of I Am a Child of God.  We sing that during partial complex seizures because Micheal Ballum, one of Spencer's professors in college, better known as Lucifer in the temple videos, (he is the least devil-like person I know, btw) told us that when you sing you activate both sides of your brain and it can help snap you out of it.  His son has epilepsy too.  We sing I Am a Child of God so that I can remember that he has sent me here as a spiritual being to have human experiences, even during a said human experience. So, after it was finally over and I'd stopped crying, we talked, I took my Ativan and my Tylenol, Spencer rubbed my head and we watched The O.C. to distract me and I went to bed for 17 hours.  But hey, I made pie, right?


    Kari said...

    1. My mom once responded when I asked something about polygamy: "I always had a hard time with that, but I've decided if I can be with Ukdorf, it's ok." So I call him her boyfriend.
    2. You have to be such a fashionista to know exactly what you need in your closet. I'm like..."uhhh I need clothes. I don't have any clothes."
    3. Those pies look amazing.
    4. I'm so sorry about the seizure. But yes, at least you made amazing pie.

    Anonymous said...

    You can give me all your fat clothes! Im fat! Ü