Wednesday, December 29, 2010

reindeer games

Spencer and I always try to reserve a night for just the two of us to exchange gifts. Christmas Eve and Christmas day have become so hectic for us that we come home and collapse and/or cry from exhaustion. Not the best time for romance. So, we celebrate on the 23rd. We both try and do something/plan something to make it special. This year, I found this idea from the Dating Divas. I changed up the printables a bit though. You can use mine, here:

I, too, found felt reindeer bags.  But I found mine at Walmart for $3.00.  I printed the invite the night before and put it where he'd see it when he left for work.  He was excited all day.  While he was at work I assembled the bags and set up for a picnic under the tree.  I also worked that day, so while I was getting ready, Spencer hung more Christmas lights upstairs for ambiance.

After that we ate our picnic (Zuppa and Martinelli's) under the tree and listened to Christmas music and had a real, non-rushed, non-task list conversation.  Then we exchanged gifts.

I gave him a set of all the harmonicas he will ever need.  He was super excited.

Then he gave me mine.  All my presents were Russian doll after box after box after box.  He's so sneaky!!  Remember this post?  Well look what I got.

It took my breath away.  I literally gasped.  It's more beautiful than any picture could depict, and everytime I look at it I think, "... And I will make thee windows of agates, and thy gates of carbuncles, and all thy borders of pleasant stones.” And it reminds me of my grandma...she always wore cameos.   And Spencer's grandpa.  He told us a story about his agate ring just before he died in September.

Then he gave me this:

It's a ring holder with two lovebirds.  You know how I'm so into birds right now.  The card made me bawl before I even opened the gift.  It says, "If you're a bird, I'm a bird."    I love him.

So I was really glad I had the reindeer after the gift I got him paled in comparison to my gifts!!  Geeze!  So after all the weeping I let him open his reindeer gifts.

I basically followed the originator's suit, except I made a romantic Christmas music playlist on our ipod and so I just put a printed out picture of the iPod in the bag, since we listened to it while we ate dinner.  Needless to say, Vixen was his favorite, but he loved the idea and he said the best part was being excited all day long.  It was cute, cheap, easy, and fun!  I highly recommend it for next year for you and yours.  


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how sweet :) and what a fun idea :)

mommy princess said...

I love this! Except Stan might not be with us next Christmas. (trying not to think of it to much) Anywho, maybe I'll just use the idea and tweak it a little bit for V-day this year :) The Cameo is beautiful. OH YEAH!! And you look amazing in that Red dress. I think I NEED a red dress. lol