Tuesday, January 25, 2011

make me up

One of my new favorite shows is Jersylicious on Style.  It's about a hair salon in Jersey.  It's all the drama and quirkiness of Jersey Shore, without the hot tub and alcohol.  (And don't get me wrong, I watch The Jersey Shore too.  Judge me not.)  Anyway, I've actually learned a few tips from the show.  I finally learned how to tease my hair.  I can now accomplish some volume at my crown, though I still don't subscribe to the Utah-hair-poof, or the more local Clearfield square hair.  The key is to take their tips and take it down about ten notches.  I've also started doing my eye makeup pre-foundation.  It makes it so you don't have to clean up eyeshadow under your eyes after application.  Makes sense, right?
And, I've started using primer.  I don't know how I ever lived without it!  I ordered a b-day gift for my mom from Sephora and as a holiday special, I got not three, but 12 samples.  I kept them, because my mom is the type who saves them and never uses them.  She has a whole cabinet in her bathroom full of samples.  Anyway, a lot of my samples were primers.  My favorite is this color correcting primer by Smashbox (in green).  It helps with the redness from zits and it makes my face feel like satin.  My foundation goes on like I'm putting it on silicone, and it stays on so well.  My face is much less oily.  I also think it's been helping my complexion.  And, it smells like frosting.  Yeah, frosting.  I'm going to be really upset when I run out of my sample.  The problem is, it's pricey.  A one ounce bottle is $38 from Sephora.  I'm considering buying this travel size for $17.  I think it will last a long time, as my sample has and it's like 0.4 ounces.

I love makeup.  I frequently have dreams where I have an unlimited supply of it.  But I'm a girl whose makeup bag is filled with L'Oreal and Cover Girl.  Not Ulta and NARS.  The only thing I spend more money on is my concealer.  I use Mary Kay because all other concealers don't even come close to concealing what I need concealed.  I also used to use Mary Kay foundation, but I found a L'Oreal product I like even more.  (L'Oreal Infallible Advanced Never Fail 16-hour foundation).  So does a primer fall into the "worth it" category?

Speaking of "worth it," my mom bought me the generic equivalent to Lattise.  I read the insert and one of the side effects was indeed that it may turn my eyes brown.  I have nothing against brown eyes, it's just that I have green ones.  They already went from blue to green...I don't think I could handle another color change.  Spencer asked me if I'd rather have green eyes or long eyelashes.  I picked green eyes, but then I researched it online and there haven't been many reports of eye-color change.  Spencer reminded me that there was like a one-in-a-bajillion chance that a seizure medication would give me Lupus, and I was the one-in-a-bajillion.  But, I ignored him and used it for a few nights.  Each morning when I woke up my eyes were all pussy and ached!  I decided "not worth it."  This whole eyelash thing kinda freaks me out.  I'm worried it will be a Phen-phen situation and years from now millions of women will have freakish eye defects or brain tumors or something.  I hope not, because everyone I know is doing it.  So, alas, my eyelashes will remain their current length while my mother-in-law's eyelashes are like 10 feet long.  She looks like Snuffleupagus.  Life is so unfair. 


Rich's said...

I am with you, I LOVE makeup but can't afford to have that priceless looking face! However I am going to go and get my eyelashes done. I found a girl that does it for $50 set and then $35 dollar fill every 4-6 weeks. AWESOME! I think that will be just what I need.

Kari said...

teach me to tease my hair without getting UH. a video tutorial would be nice. :)

I thought when they said that it could turn your eyes brown, it meant the eyelid where the stuff got on them.

I've been using mineral makeup, but I might have to go back to regular foundation. I'll check out your L'Oreal next time.

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Love this entire post.

Latisse and anything like it scares me. Totally. I say embellish what God gave you, don't try to change it!

mommy princess said...

One of my favorite Stores to walk through when I lived in N.Y. was Sephora. I could have spent 5 hours or 500.00 dollars (in no particular order) in that place easy! I've never tried a primer. I don't really wear foundation. I've wanted to try one under my eyeshadow because I've heard it makes your color last longer and keep it from creasing. I to long for LONG eyelashes. Mine are so stubby. BTW I love the covergirl lashblast mascara in the purple container. What do you use?

mommy princess said...

Oh yeah...I think...that font is called Homeade Apple pie.