Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Disney Love

Thanks to everyone for their good vibes and prayers.  I think they've worked!

I've been meaning to post about this for a long time, and I thought that today would be perfect!  Polyvore is a place where as you shop, you can create outfits.  Which is awesome!  I'm a girl who has "outfits."  I have a few pieces that interchange, but mostly they're undershirts or pants and skirts.  Definitely an outfit girl.  In fact, I remember outfits I had in high school and college and I miss them.  Is that weird?  Oh well.

Anyway, they did this challenge were they asked people to create looks based on Disney movies.  Disney + clothing = <3

Now before I show them to you, let me preface this by saying that these looks are too literal to be worn every day.  I believe, as a fashionista, that it's important to take trends and let them inspire you.  Don't take them and run with them...right off a style cliff.  For example, a trend right now is layering.  Another is lace.  Another is military.  DO NOT try to incorporate all three into one look.  Furthermore, take the trend and use it in ONE piece.  This is called your statement piece.  It's like art; you want people to be able to focus on the most important thing.  If there are a million statement pieces then ALL of your statements get lost.  A person who will remain nameless and does not read this blog, recently wore the following outfit:
Layer 1. long-sleeved lace shirt
Layer 2:  sleeveless lace tank
Layer 3: short-sleeved lace shrug
Layer 4: three lacey necklaces, earrings, and 3 bracelets
Layer 5: Skinny jeans with a TON of rhinestones on the bum
Layer 6:  knee-high boots

It was sensory overload.  And she looked like she was trying too hard.  If you wear ANY of the above pieces, the rest should be simple.  Very simple and not rhinestoned.

Then said person wore a military jacket over a striped shirt with cropped pants and ankle boots.  She looked like a freaking pirate.  Not good.  Coco Channel advised to take off an accessory before you leave the house.  As a girl who loves jewelry and any form of accessory I've really tried to implement that, especially now that I'm older.

Okay, now on to Disney love.  They are super adorable.  Maybe need a few adjustments for every day, but not for a trip to the Magic Kingdom?  Ahem.

These are all of them, and these are my favorites:

I would totally wear this to church and lose the necklace.

 I want that dress more than I have words for.
 Sexy Cindy

 This one could be worn daily.  It doesn't really say Dumbo to me, but I like it.

 This is my fave.

 This one I would wear without the earrings so it didn't scream "Native American."  It's never good to scream any ethnicity.
 Lose the necklace, and headband and trade the shoes for black flats.  Hello cuteness.

And with that, I bid you adieu.  I'm off to Disneyland.  Maybe in one of these outfits.


Kari said...

Belle, Cindy, and Pocahontas are my faves.

Rich's said...

Oh I think you would look Fab in any of them! Have so much fun in Disneyland, I am so jealous!

JeriLynn said...

Wow, I wish I had your fashion sense. Thanks for imparting some of your wisdom! :)

And of course your dress will come with a bonnet. And lots and lots of lace. And some beading. It'll be gorgeous!


Darci Lynne said...

I want them all- especially the SHOES! So adorable. Have fun in Disneyland!

Lori said...

enjoy disneyland!