Thursday, February 3, 2011

made in the 80s

As I type this I am watching Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer.  I saw it on Netflix and could not resist.  I forgot how much I loved Rainbow Brite as a little Chelsi.  And Twink?  I loved Twink.  I want to make Twink cake pops.

It got me thinking about other shows I watched as a little tyke.  My favorites were Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, Lady Lovely Locks, and She-ra.  Lady Lovely Locks was a show about a girl with beautiful hair. It seems a shallow concept but the characters were very well developed and the plot lines very engaging for a 5-year-old.  I had Lady Lovely Locks everything.  Sheets, a sleeping bag, even pixie tails for my hair.

She-ra is the sister of He-Man and is totally bad ass!  In a world full of pink unicorns, glitter and rainbows, she empowered us as toddler women.  And her outfit is super hot.

I had a She-ra barbie who was my favorite.  It got me thinking about my toys.  Toy shopping for my nieces is one of my favorite activities, but I have to say, they don't make 'em like they used to.  My favorite toys from the 80s included:

Teddy Ruxspin.  You put cassette tapes in his back and he read you stories.  His mouth moved.  We also had a doll named Corkie who did the same thing, but he creeped my mom out and she threw him away.  Teddy had more tapes, too.

I remember this singing mermaid toy very well. She was definitely a fave and I spent many a happy hour with her in the tub. She changed color in hot and cold water and sang when you squeezed her tummy. Oh, and her fin had little holes in that that made a rainbow fountain.

Another fave was Quints.  They were cheap and had a ton of accessories, so since I was spoiled, I pretty much had a ton of stuff for them.  They served as babies for my barbies.

Speaking of Barbies, I loooooooved Barbies.  I played Barbies till I was like driving.  As I got older my plot lines became a lot like Days of Our Lives, since I was a loyal viewer as a toddler, and I got caught a few times being naughty with my barbies.  I remember once my barbies went camping (I had an awesome camper) and one barbie fell while hiking and, of course, had amnesia and didn't remember that she had recently adopted Kelly, and then her little sister, Skipper, moved in on Ken.  I was like 7.  

But apparently, even my plotline wasn't as complicated as Mattel's.  I pray that wasn't really their story.  If it is, well, wtf?

Now, on to Polly Pockets.  My nieces are obsessed with Polly Pockets...but they're not even Polly, they're Disney Princess, and definately not pocket-sized.  They're super cute and I like playing with them...I just wish they were called something else.  Why?  Because they're not the Polly Pockets I adored.  The Polly Pockets I adored were the size of a makeup compact, hence the name.  She had a lot of different worlds.  Basically you'd just move her around.  Polly's in the kitchen, Polly's in the garden...but they entertained me for hours.  I was big into imaginative play.

Old Polly Pocket Compacts
Old Polly
Now, Polly has grown to the size of Little People; she fits in the palm of my hand.  She still looks like Polly though, not to be confused with Disney Princess Polly Pockets.  And she has removable clothes.  That's fun, but I'm still not a fan.  The whole appeal of Polly was that she was compact.  You could play with her anywhere...on car rides, at church, in school.  Maybe that was the problem?  I don't think it would be the choking hazard because she was so tiny you wouldn't choke and you'd poop her out without even noticing.
New Polly
Disney Princess Polly Pocket
The Disney ones are perfect for cakes, ps.  But as far as I know, none of my nieces' have removable heads like the above one!  They're my favorite thing to buy them right now, but there might be a new competitor.

By far, my favorite toys were my American Girl Dolls.  If you're not familiar with them, they are "heirloom quality" (to which I can vouch for) dolls from different periods in history, or girls of today, who each have their own world of stories, clothes, furniture and accessories.  I loved the books they came with and I really think they taught me to love books!  And the stuff you can buy for them...oh it's so cool.  They also taught me a lot about history.  I learned more from them than in AP History.  I got the baby first (I named her Stacie), to make sure I'd take care of them, then I got Samantha when I turned 8.  Kirsten followed, and then LaManda, my doll I "made."  She has straight black hair and green eyes.

All of my dolls are now retired, which makes me happy that they're still in great condition in my cedar chest waiting to be played with by my little girl.  I still get the magazine and I want to buy everything in it for my nieces and my future little girl.  Especially Kit from the 40's.


It doesn't help my almost-uncontrollable desire to buy that my neice, Payton asked for one this year.  She's only turning 5 in April, so Santa opted to get her an Our Generation doll, essentially a very great knock off, to see how well she cares for it.  I was extatic for two reasons.  One, I can buy her stuff for her doll.  I might have to be reigned in.  And two, it will help me convince Spencer to let me buy our daughter one for her 8th birthday.  He isn't very comfortable with the price tag, so we'll follow suit and buy her an OG doll first.  And if my little one isn't into it, heaven forbid, Payt can inherit my dolls.  As long as she lets me play with her, of course.


Kari said...

I didn't have any of those things! Just Barbies, I think.

Carly said...

Oh how I loved my Teddy Ruxpin! I saw them for sale at Costco a couple of years ago and am so mad I didn't buy one. Epic fail.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I loved my American Girl doll so much it was sad. I had the horse and the bike and pretty much everything I wanted from there. I packed it all away and can't wait for the day to give it to my little girl. So awesome!

Seantae Jackson said...

Man this takes me back!!!!!!!!!!!!! Polly pockets, holy moly! That's awesome. I was catching up on some older posts. I love the love that you and Spence have for eachother. I can see how it is the glue in both of your lives. I hope you are feeling better!