Tuesday, February 1, 2011

true love will find you in the end

Dear Husband,
I know I told you already tonight, but I am so in love with you.  I'd always hoped for it, but didn't know it was possible in a marriage.  I'd never seen it in real life before.  Now I live it.  I have "Dear Chicago" in my head again.  I think it's because when I look at you sleeping beside me, I think, "Wow...I really did find him."  I fell out of love with Colby a long time ago, but sometimes I still can't believe that he was right.  I really did find someone I love even more than I loved him.  Colby was a drug...a pain killer...or heroine to distract me and turn my veins black.  Yikes.  But you...you are so much more.  You aren't just my relief, you are my sanctuary.  You're like yoga.  When I'm with you, I vibrate at a very high frequency.  That sounded dirty.  ;)  I think back to that time when you rocked me in my apartment while my brother was yelling at me; do you remember that?  You held me like a baby and your love just drowned out the sound of the little brat.  It's still like that.  Whenever I can't deal, I only want you.  I need you.  Oh, I need you.  There's so much to you, too.  I need you when I wake you up at 3:30 in the morning to talk me off a ledge.  I need you to referee when my parents are driving me crazy.  I need your hugs when I've had a bad day.  Your ear when I need to talk.  You in general when I want to laugh or dish.  My head on your chest when I haven't breathed all day long.  You calm me, you balance me.  You are the ying to my yang, the cheese to my macaroni.  You're totally boss.  You take care of me physically, emotionally.  You wash my hair, you brush it, you braid it.  You get me medicine.  You help me make cakes.  You cook dinner.  You do laundry.  You dust.  And yes, you primarily do some of these things you do when I can't, but some of them you do often.  Like brushing my hair.  Or dusting.  You always dust because it gives me allergies.  How many husbands do that?  None.  You give me this crap about how I motivate you and inspire you and make sure you eat and create a nice home for you and that we read our scriptures, but I don't buy it.  You'd be just fine without me.  You wouldn't ever remember to eat, but that's all.  I wish more than anything I could be to you what you are to me, but you told me the other day that isn't what you want or need.  You need me, you said.  Well, I'm yours.


Mr. Senator said...

My Queen... You make me blush. But you know I would never be the same without you! Ask all of my ex's... they didn't seem to think too much of me ;-)

mommy princess said...

Chels and Spenc, The reason you two are so amazing for each other is because you are a perfect match. You are living a one in a million, once in a life time magical union. You are living a real life fairy tale. I think almost anyone can get married and with a lot of patience and commitment make it work and have a great life. But what you two have is like a lightning strike or a beautiful comet that only streaks across the sky once every billion years. It's a rare and precious gift. It's exactly what I always hoped and prayed for, for Chels. Both of you just keep loving each others guts! I know I sure do:)