Monday, March 28, 2011

dear friends

So I'm 27.  That sucks.  I was thinking about this last night, about when birthdays started becoming negative things.  When did I want to stop my clock?  When did I become an old person?  I always think I'm 22.  That was a good year.  But I think my first hard birthday was 25.  My parents got me when my mom was 25 so that was my plan too.  When 25 hit we had no baby, no job, no house, and no money.  Not really my plan.  What did husband do?  Oh, nothin'....he just wrote me a song!!  Cause he's the best husband ever.  And he's really good at making sucky things totally rad.  On my birthday we went to Sonora Grill with our family.  It was our first time there and it was super yummy.  Afterward, we went and saw Red Riding Hood, per my request.  It was so stupid, it was awesome.  We were laughing the whole time.  I felt like I was watching a Scary Movie.  Then we went and got cupcakes at The Sweet Tooth Fairy, a new bakery in Layton.  We had a bite of each.  The consensus was that they were SUPER dry and had way too much frosting that appeared fluffy, but was not.  Two thumbs down.

Peanut butter, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cheesecake, Raspberry Lemonade, Chocolate Sundae, and Grasshopper

Despite the lame cupcakes, it was a perfect birthday.  Guess what I got this year?  (Most of you know because you contributed.  And for that you are AWESOME!  I love you.)  I got this:

It is an album titled "Dear Chelsi."  It is a compilation of letters from dear friends of mine, past and present, wishing me a happy day, telling me why I'm loved, and recalling memories.  How hard did I cry?  Hard.  I made several awful faces whilst reading the letters because there were a lot of laughing/crying combos.  Not pretty.  It's on film and I must destroy it.

The album is not just letters, either.  Spence designed postcards for people to write on!  Complete with stamps and addresses and everything.  Then he mailed each person a postcard to hand-write their messages on, complete with a self-addressed stamped envelope.  They all went to my sister's house.  THEN he put them all in a scrapbook album, on actual paper (that matched my gift bag and tissue paper AND the embossing on the album!), inside of little flippable pockets...with EYELETS!  He must be paying more attention than previously thought when I scrapbook.  It is beautiful.

He worked so hard.  He even got two of my ex-boyfriends to contribute.  Now that is an accomplishment.  (He actually apologized for not being able to find Colby.  Don't apologize honey, the CIA probably couldn't find Colby.)  I could not believe some of the people he found to contribute!  Some were people I haven't seen for AT LEAST five years, and it was sooo good to "connect" with them other than Facebook stalking.  In all, I got 45 letters.  He said only five people didn't respond.  I can't tell you how loved that made me feel.  If you contributed, thank you.  I will cherish your words forever.

And to my husband, thank you.  I may need a third job to save up enough money for something equally spectacular (but in a non-sentimental practical way) for your birthday in May.  :D  I love you.


Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Oh! I hope this is a good year! Don't measure by birthdays if you don't like it... measure by moments and sweet nothings that your cute husband does. You really are so lucky in that department.

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Oh and he got my letter, right? Because I sent it. I hope I wasn't one of the ones where it got lost!

Candace Thomas said...

Amazing! I hope you had a great birthday...I SO would have contributed had I known! Tell Spence that's ok because I don't think I have even met him, jk! AND I am so glad to hear that someone else didn't love Sweet Tooth Fairy either. I was so excited for them to come to Layton (since apparently they are all the rage in Utah County)...but I can honestly say I didn't enjoy it. I will have to get some of yours!!!!

mommy princess said...

Spencer warned that if we didn't send the picture we wanted that he'd choose for us. That's what I get....sultry Shani is going to be passed down through little Johnson generations. I kept trying to find a recent cute picture of you and I together, but all I could find were pics that I was very large with child in. That's it! I demand a friend photo shoot. Is that super cheesy? Who cares it would be so much fun!

Chelsi said...

Hey I happen to love Sultry Shani! And so does everyone I show it to!