Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Disneyland= Love! We had so much fun. It was cold and rainy but whatevs, it's Disneyland. Also, we bought panchos and we stayed dry. Big Thunder Railroad in the rain is awesome!!!

The first day we did Disneyland and I was in heaven. First off I met the Fairy God Mother. I told her that Miley has always called me her FGM so she waved her wand and made me official.

The girls all got crowns, of course, even my mom. Disneyland Holly is so awesome. These pictures are just a few of them because we got a photopass. Professional photogs take your pics all around Disneyland then put them on a card. Then you order them online. We have 50+ really great family pics but I won't have them for a while. I'd totally recommend it.

Also recommended by my awesome inlaws and Disneyland gurus, The Youngs, is Ridemax. I will never ever ever go there without it. From the website:

RideMax is a computer software program designed to help you create custom wait-time-reducing plans for Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Why waste your valuable time in the park with your head buried in the park map, trying to decide where you will go next? RideMax allows you to specify the date of your visit and the attractions you wish to ride, then uses a sophisticated scheduling algorithm to help you map out your "game plan" in advance! We've collected attraction wait time statistics at the Disney parks at various crowd levels and at different seasons of the year. Depending on the number of attractions you choose for your plan, RideMax could actually compare millions of possible ride sequences before displaying your final custom itinerary!

It's awesome. Fave rides: the new tour through Sleeping Beauty's castle (duh!), the teacups (I forgot how good my dad is at spinning. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!), storybook boats (I want to shrink myself and play in the villages), Space Mountain, Pirates, Peter Pan (It's a fave from when I was little), and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Splash Mountain was closed and we bounced before the Madderhorn cause Jess had squishy shoes.

The next day we slept in and then shopped at Fashion Valley till it started raining, so we went and saw Unknown. So good. I peed a little. On a totally unrelated note, it was my first time seeing the San Diego Temple in person. Amazing! It's so beautiful! It's like a futuristic castle. SLC is still my fave though...I like the majesty of old.

Then we headed for California Adventure the next day. Spence was getting fastpasses and my mom and I were in a souvineer shop when I had a partial complex seizure. We ran my magnet but guess what we didn't bring to the park? Ativan. I was getting really nervous because I was having trouble even speaking. I spotted the ferris wheel and suggested we get on it so my dad and Spence could give me a blessing. Mom is afraid of heights and Jess and Preston were MIA, and they wouldn't give the three of us our own cart, so Dad suggested we find somewhere quiet and secluded. Right. In Disneyland. Then this corner appeared. Mom stood guard and the boys gave me a quick blessing and I was promised I would be fine. And I was. Just like that. No more problems whatsoever. A miracle. I'm so blessed to have the power of the priesthood in my life.

Sooo....after we were sure I was okay, we went on the best ride: Screamin' California. My poor mom about had an anxiety attack in line but she made it!! She's a trooper. Such a fun roller coaster, but I maintain that Wicked at Lagoon is even better. Then we pretended to be Barbies:

Then we went on Tower of Terror and I about had an anxiety attack. I hate that ride. It's not as bad as the Rocket at Lagoon (on which I had an ACTUAL anxiety attack) because you're enclosed. I can't believe it's Miley's favorite ride! I really have to psych myself up for it and I'm still terrified.

Exhibit A:

Apparently, in situations of extreme terror you can really tell I have Cerebral Palsy. I look like I'm having a damned stroke. I love how my dad is just watching my cute.

Then, we went to Bubba Gumps for dinner. We walked and I didn't feel like leaving the park, and I thought it was pricey for just okay food....I'd rather just eat at Disneyland and soak up more magic...but I'm basically an animated character, so it might just be me. My mom and dad kept saying how "in my element" I was and how if I was allowed to work at Disneyland as a princess I'd never have a seizure ever again. I agree. Too bad none of the princesses have speech impediments.

After dinner we came back and saw Captain EO at my brother's request. May the King rest in peace. Then we watched the fireworks show. I made this documentary for you to enjoy:

Magic Moments interrupted by Star Wars from Chelsi Johnston on Vimeo.

You're welcome.

Then we booked it to Adventure Land to watch Fantasmic. (Yeah, that's really the name.) It really was fantasmic. There's a full on war on a pirate ship, the princesses come out on boats and sing, they project images on the water and walls of fog, and a full-sized malificent totally breathes fire on the water! Then EVERYONE comes out on the river boat. It is really amazing. It was our first time seeing it and I'll never miss it again. I kept saying, "How are they doing this!?" Faith, trust, and pixie dust...that's how.


amelia said...

so... I read this awesome short story about a girl who has a curse placed upon her when she's little, that any words she speaks will kill everyone who hears them. so she never says a single thing, ever. it was a cool story, from this book:

and for some reason it seems like she was a princess. but I don't really remember...

but anyway, I guess it isn't disney. oh well. maybe someday it will be?


Kari said...

That sounds so fun, and I'm not even a Disneyland person. I guess I just don't know what I should be doing there! So glad you ended up being ok. Beck is dancing to the song playing on here. FYI

Seantae Jackson said...

I'm so glad you got to... you sure deserved all the fun and smiles! Loves!