Thursday, March 3, 2011

let's talk about dresses.

To borrow from Natalie, The Academy Awards are like my Superbowl.  I could eat that red carpet right up.  Last night I watched my recording and took notes on my best and worst dressed for this post.  I am that lame.  Oh well...

Worst Dressed:

Number One is Cate Blanchett in Givenchy.  Mostly because I expect perfection from her and instead it made me say, "Whaaat the hell....?"

Like seriously, what the hell?  The top reminds me of posterboard with like...jelly beans glued to it.  Ugh.

Number Two is Marissa Tomei in a 1950 couture Charles James dress from Lily et Cie.

I love vintage.  And Lily is VERY exclusive.  But this is so ill-fitted.  It gives her bulges in places she probably doesn't even have them!  And the hair...oh the hair!!  It's so so sooooo wrong.  So messy.  So not vintage.  So ew.

Number Three is Scarlett Johanssen in Dolce & Gabbana.

Again, I expect perfection from her and instead it looks like a really, really, really old table cloth.  And the hair. 

Number Four is Florence Welch in Valentino. She looks like she belongs in a haunted house.  Dead sister-wife anyone?

Number Five is Melissa Leo in this Elvis costume by Mark Bouwer.  It looks like a vinyl tablecloth ontop of gold glitter.  Sick.

Honorable Mentions:
Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein.

This landed her on many best-dressed lists, but not mine.  Can anyone hear the Baywatch theme song playing?  When your being nominated for an Oscar, glam it up for hell sakes!  Fail.

Nicole Kidman wore this weird cross between a kimono and an altar cloth by Dior.  Once again, I expect perfection from Nic.

Best Dressed:

Number One is Halle Berry in Marchesa.  Stunning.  Stu-nning.

Number Two is Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang.  To quote Joan Rivers, "She might as well have worn a sandwich board that said 'Eff you Jesse James.'"

I just have to mention her dress last year because it tops my all-time best dressed Oscar list.

Number Three is Jennifer Hudson in this stunning tangerine dress by Versace.
She looks soooooo good!  And so confident.  She makes me excited for her.  She's always been stunning to me though.

Number Four is Mila Kunis in Elie Saab.  She looks like a goddess.  The only reason she didn't land higher is because she kept adjusting all night.

Number Five is Helen Mirren in Vivian Westwood couture.  Oh my goodness...If I looked this pretty at 65 I would stand in front of a mirror at all times.

Number Six is Hailee Stainfeld in an age-appropriate Marchesa dress.  Absolute perfection from head to toe.  She is so adorable.  She helped design it too!  It was much more sparkley on film.

Honorable mentions:

Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein:

And Camila Alves in Kaufmanfranco:


Anonymous said...

IMO Cate was the only one who even was remotely interesting and owned the red carpet. I always expect perfection from her and that's exactly what I got! God, other actresses aren't even in the same league, they should take a cue from the Queen of Style & Fashion Forward Couture!

Kari said...

I totes agree with you on many of these (totes is cool lingo now, if you hadn't heard), but I will disagree with a few. I liked Scarlett's, but not really the color. Of course I'm a black lover, and it would've looked good in black. And I think I'm the only person who didn't like Mila's dress. It probably had a lot to do with the color. Back to agreeing with you, seriously, what was UP with Cate's dress?!