Thursday, March 10, 2011

that could've been my baby

I told Spencer that I didn't feel politically educated enough to write this post.  He said to just write what is in my here it is.

If you're in the mood for something light...maybe skip this.  I'm going to talk about adoption (finally, yet not as personally as I'd planned) Planned Parenthood, and abortion.   To ease you into it, here is a clip from one of my favorite shows ever, Juno.  I hope that our birth mother is just like her.

I've wanted some things in my life.  I've experienced pain in my life.  But no feeling has ever been equal to my desire for children and the pain that comes from not being able to create one and all that comes with that.  I find myself mesmerized with children; loving every single one I see, imagining the day I finally meet mine.  I have a love so intense it is indescribable for someone who might not even exist yet!  I've never been so passionate about anything in my entire life.  And I am a passionate person.  Sometimes I feel on the verge of combustion.  Adoption is my saving grace.  It is the only thing that keeps me sane, gives me hope.  Adoption is without a doubt a miraculous thing.  I cannot imagine the pain that my birth mother went through in placing me for adoption.  Adoption is a selfless act.  I think that when you get pregnant, you turn into someone else...someone who only cares about your baby and not yourself...someone selfless.  


In 2009 Planned Parenthood performed 332,278 abortions and 977 adoption referrals.  That means over 340 babies were killed for every one placed for adoption.  332, 278 babies were killed.  Only 977 were given a chance at a life.  Only 977 women like me were lucky.  

Planned Parenthood does good things too.  They offer birth control, they teach about safe sex, they offer health clinics, they help people who cannot afford alternative health care.  But, they cover up sex trafficking and murder babies too.  People need to quit worrying about gay marriage and start worrying about an essential genocide.  This is the US and we have freedoms.  I support that.  But we are not free to commit crimes without punishment and I believe abortion is a crime.  Our tax money, especially MY tax money, should NOT support criminal activity and I fully support the withdrawal of federal funding.

I am pro-life.  I believe that life starts at conception and that abortion is murder.  I support the laws that charge criminals for a double homicide if the woman is pregnant, or murder if a fetus is aborted as a result of a crime.  In high school we studied the pro-choice view for a week and pro-life view for a week.  We watched an ultrasound of a baby being aborted.  It was so horrific that I will never be able to erase it from my mind.  The baby actually cringed away from the hook.  (In some methods of abortion, a hook is used to cut up the fetus, then it is vacuumed out.)  What is the difference between a woman throwing her newly-delivered baby into a dumpster?  A number of months?  I think the term "pro-choice" is ridiculous.  What about the baby's choice?  The father's choice?  If you "choose" to murder someone does that make it okay somehow?  It was the woman's choice to have sex.  Choices.  Have.  Consequences.  

Abortion is an ugly thing that takes the consequences away from responsible sex...from responsible parenting, from responsible living!  Unplanned pregnancy is never a good thing and I like their name, Planned Parenthood.  But unplanned parenthood should have consequences (more than the emotional consequences that come from want me to feel sorry for you because you are experiencing emotional pain from your abortion? Go away before I drop kick you.)  You created something you were not ready for.  Two wrongs never make a right.  Placing that baby for adoption, or taking on the responsibility yourself and learning to be a good parent is the correct and moral choice. 

The LDS church is pro-life, but there are exceptions when it comes to victims of rape.  I can understand that situation but I do not agree with it. Rape is an ugly, horrible, disgusting thing and it is my very worst fear, but I stand by my words: two wrongs do not make a right.  Adoption is the answer.  

I do not support unfit parents having children and neglecting them.  That's why adoption is the answer.  Millions of women like me are desperate to have children and the only way that can be possible is through someone else.  In 2009 alone 332,278 broken hearts could have been healed.  332, 278 babies could have been loved with a love so fierce they would never be able to question it.  Instead they were cut into pieces and thrown away.  Instead, 332, 278 men and women are waiting for someone else to make the right choice.  And every second of waiting is like a hook to the heart.  


Anonymous said...

I agree with you fully. My best friend in high school was faced with an unplanned pregnancy. She decided to carry the baby and adopt her to a family. I remember hearing about how she suffered with intense physical pain for separating herself from her baby. She is the epitome of selflessness. Now the little girl is chubby, happy and making her adopted parents the happiest couple on earth, or so my friend tells me :)

Mr. Senator said...

I'm proud of you doll. Great post!

332,278 is just the numbers from Planned Parenthood. There are over a million abortions a year and over 46 MILLION that have been performed since Roe Vs Wade in 1973. One study showed that out of a 1000 women with reproductive health, 65 has had an abortion and of that 65, 52 of them were from a minority race. In fact according to the Fordham Urban Law Journal over 94% of abortion clinics are located in urban areas where minorities make up that majority of the surrounding population. I think that John Piper, a white pastor explains this disparity best when he said:
"The de facto effect (I don’t call it the main cause, but net effect) of putting abortion clinics in the urban centers is that the abortion of Hispanic and Black babies is more than double their percentage of the population. Every day 1,300 black babies are killed in America. 700 Hispanic babies die every day from abortion. Call this what you will but when the slaughter has an ethnic face, and the percentages are double that of the white community, AND the killers (abortion clinics) are almost all white, something is going on here that ought to make the lovers of racial equality and racial harmony wake up. -John Piper..

Yet our President is busy saying "I've got two daughters, nine years old and six years old. I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby." -Obama

It's evil... end of story

Kari said...

Amen, Chels. I agree with everything you said 100%!

wendy said...

What a strong and great post. I'm impressed with your willingness to open your heart to all of us. I hope some day you get your baby! I also hope to meet you in person eventually. I too, like Kari, agree 100%!

Wendy Collmar

tHe sMiTh SaGa said...

I am a friend of Kari's. She made a post about your post, so I had to read it. I totally agree with you 100%. It seriously brakes my heart that this is even an issue in this world. Ugh it just makes me so mad. But I just had to tell you that I enjoyed reading your post and I hope and pray things go well for you with the adoption.

Amy said...

I found your post via Kari's blog. Thanks for a moving post. I'm posting a link to your post because I think it's an important topic. Good luck on your journey.

Heidi said...

I love you.

mommy princess said...

Beautiful, powerful and heartwrenching all in the same read. This is an amazing post.