Monday, April 11, 2011

and the award for best shower goes to...

 Warning:  This is a picture-filled brag post.  But I worked REALLY hard.  

Me.  Mom and I threw a bridal shower for my new sister-in-law on Friday.  It was a movie-themed shower.  I sent out invitations like this:

With little inserts like this:

 As she opened presents we made her guess the movie.  She got Maid in Manhattan right, but in her defense, I was really stretching on some of them.  For a list, e-mail me.

My movie, of course, was Lady and the Tramp.  I bought her this Lady-like but mostly trampy apron in blue polka dot from VS.  I just try not to think about her and my brother.  

I made cake pop popcorn favors like this:

We made Paparazzi Pulled Pork sandwiches:

Diva Deviled Eggs:

Golden Globes Grape Salad:

a Stay-Skinny Veggie Tray:

White Chocolate Popcorn:

And, of course, Red Carpet Cake:
Which just happened to be a replica of her dress:

I know the shape is fuller, but I couldn't feed 30 people with her skinny little body.

Here was the table:

I hung "stills" up to dry:

And played their "movie" in the background:

We had a Red Carpet:

And we made her wear these way fetch celebish Bride to Be glasses:
(All the pics my mom took are blurry, which is why there aren't any of the actual shower.  :)  She forgets to hold down the button.)

My little brother was THRILLED, which was my entire objective.  He even sent me a text that night thanking me for everything. was a success.  Love you Jess!


Rich's said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Chelsi that is such a cute idea and it was executed beautifully!! You are amazing at doing parties, and themes I think you need to open up your own business! Your AMAZING!

Chelsi said...

Thanks, Kels!!

Kari said...

Wow, nice job!

artist said...

That. is. AWESOME! for real. I love the clever names that you used for all the food. You are genius.

(On a side note Lady and the Tramp is very difficult for me to sing on Disney-Sing-It but the spaghetti moment is one of my favorites)

Ruby in the Rough said...

Wow, aweseome bridal shower!!! You are so talented!

As a sidenote, when one of my cousins had her bridal shower, I gave her a bunch of sex-themed stuff. My aunt was so disgusted, it took months for her to talk to me again. I'm glad your family aren't prudes!!! :)

Candace Thomas said...

I know who I am calling next time I throw a party!! She is super lucky to get a sis like was darling:)