Wednesday, April 13, 2011

dear bella

Dear Bella,
I hope you don't mind that I write down in words how wonderful life is now that you're in the world.  ;)  

Muddy feet from Terrible Twos
You are four.  My baby girl is four.  I have to agree with my mom, that three has been my favorite age so far.  Firstly, you're potty-trained and not so little that I worry endlessly about you getting hurt.  I worry still, yes, but you're larger than a football.  We're past the terrible twos (when you would run away every. single. day. and come home covered in cow poop.)  You learn things so quickly and you mind so well.  You make me proud of you every day.  Daddy and I loved you at one, even more at two (despite your naughty streak), even more at three, and if it's possible to even fathom loving you more than we already do, then four will be a great year.

You're such a good girl.  Every day you make me so grateful you're mine.  Did you hear Gus's grandma tell me that I was a good mom?  She said I was consistent, but very loving.  I hope she is right, but mostly I think it is you just being such a good girl.

I love you for your sweet personality.  I love that you know when I'm sick or even sad and you won't leave my side, even to go potty or eat.  I love that you worry about me and take your job of protecting me when Daddy isn't home very seriously.
Belle and Harry the Hybrid
I love that you're not a morning person.  I love that we cuddle every single morning.  I love that wagging tail when I know it's time for morning cuddles, and that scowl when it's too early.  I love that sometimes you go to bed without us, completely annoyed.  I love that you fit perfectly in my lap and in the crook of my knee when I sleep.  I love that you bring a toy to bed every night. I love that you sleep for 20 hours a day.  I love that people never believe me after they meet you.

While Mommy works
I love that you don't like me to work past 6:00 and lay on my computer at 6:01 every day.  I love how you snuggle my side while I work.  I love that you know Grandpa's ringtone and wait at the door for him when he calls.

I love how you like your sweaters and your jackets and coats and don't like going out in the cold without them.  I love the way you trot.  I love your two pink paws.  I love that they always smell like Cheetos and we don't know why.

I love how you tear dryer sheets to pieces.  I love how you don't like it when Dad leans on the counter. I love how insane you get for treats. I love how you hold your kong in your paws.  I love the sound of you eating.  I love how you tear a piece of popcorn into three pieces and savor every bite.

Belle and Gus
I love your friendliness, your innocence and your submissiveness, even though it worries me to death.  I love that you don't understand when another animal doesn't want to play.  I love that you love people.  I love how happy you are when we come home, even if it's been only 10 minutes.

I love that you love new toys and can play by yourself for hours.  I love that you know the names of your toys.  I love how fast you can run.  I love how high you can jump.  I love when you run laps around Dad when he chases you.  I love the look you give me when I throw a toy not nearly as good as Daddy.  I love that you come to me for "base" when you and Daddy play.  I love that I'm your comforter...because you are mine.

I love that you're not just my puppy, you're my baby, and I love that we're not just your owners, we're Momma and Daddy.  Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.  You are the most-loved puppy on the planet.

Momma and Daddy


Mr. Senator said...

Amen, I still remember when I first went to pick you up. You wouldn't lay in my lap in the car you insisted to lay in the passenger seat but would whimper if I didn't continually comfort you by scratching your belly. You're my favorite little princess. Happy Birthday Baby Bug!!!

Kari said...

Another reason I can't wait for you to have a baby: to see how much less you love your dog. ha. I loved Olive a lot more before Beck. I still love her a lot, but I get really pissed at her sometimes. Ok, maybe more than just sometimes.

Happy birthday, Bella! Enjoy the love while it lasts. :)