Wednesday, April 13, 2011

how to style lace modestly and fashionably

Okay, so remember my post about fashion overkill?  I'm doing another one.  Why?  Today I headed over to the mall for some retail therapy and saw this:

Oh the horror.  Yeah, I took them with my phone.  Don't worry, they didn't see.  She was over 40.  Her poor daughter.  (*Notice her cute daughter in jeans and a sexy I <3 pink off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, flats, and a watch.)  The point I'd like to make, though, is nobody that should dress like that, no matter how young they are.  This is what her outfit looked like:

Okay so, she's probably trying to style the lace dress (which is a size or two too big) modestly.  I get that, as a modest mormon girl.  But generally I stick to the rule that If I have to wear more than two layers, I shouldn't buy it and it would've been cute in high school.   So, here's how it should've been done:

Tip one:  Mix up your textures.  Put a leather jacket over the lace dress.  Not a lace shirt under the lace dress.
Tip two:  The dress is long enough (to the knee).  Leggings not required.  But if they were, it would break my rule.  No more than two layers.
Tip three:  Color.  Change it.  Add a pop of color with a belt or fun shoes.
Tip four:  Simplify your accessories.  This lady had on a gaudy necklace.  The simple bike pendant necklace would work well on the dress but without the jacket.  If you really need accessories, put on a belt under the open jacket and wear some coordinating shoes and earrings. 

Next case.
The above fashion victim was carrying a bag from Bohme Boutique.  So was this next fashion victim.  And they weren't walking together.   I'm blaming the boutique.  I couldn't snap a pic, but this is an almost perfect rendition of the outfit:

And yes, all layers are worn at one time.  The flower goes in her hair, and she's not 5.  She's above 60.
She, like the woman above is probably trying to style the shirt modestly.  This is how it should be done:

Tip One:  No rhinestones on jeans after 18.  Period. 
Tip Two:  Simplify.   Pick a no bells and whistles (PLAIN) jacket to cover your arms in a solid color.
Tip Three:  One need not wear a shirt under a shirt and another shirt over the two shirts....ever.
Tip Four:  Wear simple shoes.  No boots.  Boots are too much for the shirt.  The simpler, the better.
Tip Five:  You cannot wear a necklace with this shirt.  You can't.  Settle for simple pearl studs so your shirt gets all the attention.
Tip Six:  No flowers that could interchange with a baby's headband belong in a grown woman's hair.  Class it up with a fascinator or something.  However, when you've got that much going on in an outfit, just leave the hair out of it.   Headwear goes with very simple outfits.
Tip Six:  If it's the ruffled cardi you're wanting to feature, stick it over a plain cream top.  Then, choose boots and no necklace OR necklace and heels.

Ta Da!!!


Kari said...

should should blog for Sensibly Styled. do you read that blog?

Rich's said...

Chelsi you are such a fashionista! I need you to come and shop with me for a day, and completley redo what is in my closet!