Saturday, April 23, 2011

royal sketches

It's been a crazy roller coaster two weeks.  I will document them later.  But, for now, a very light-hearted post.

How excited are we for the royal wedding?  10+? Me too.  I remember watching re-runs of Diana's over and over.  I looooved Diana.  LOVED her.  I cried at her memorials in London and Paris.  I still think the queen had her killed.

Anyways, back to Wills, whom me and my friend Megan chased when his helicopter landed, ps.  I am a big fan of this Kate character.  I think she's a lot like Di, and so is William.  Hopefully they can change what it means to be royal.  They're getting married April 29th...a day before my brother.  I'm going to DVR that sucker cause I'm sure I'll be busy.  I already made Spencer watch the Lifetime movie, William and Kate, which is encoring today.  So good.

And apparently, Project Runway designed some dresses for Kate to wear.  You can tell the ones who actually thought about it from those who didn't.  Some of them left me saying, "Really?"  But some of them inspired me to combine graphic design with my fashion design sketches.  Exciting.

These are my faves:
Fashionista meets Princess
I love the color on this, but I'm wondering if she's so over Royal Blue...Hopefully not, since that ring will be on her finger for a long time.

This is my favorite of them all, but maybe for a party dress.  I definitely think there will be a ceremony dress and a reception dress AND a party dress.
This is also very classic yet mod, like Kate.
These two look so Fairy Princess to me...not Kate but I adore them.

 This one is very classic yet modern...very Kate.  I would love to see her in something this grand for the ceremony.

I love the detail of this, though it doesn't scream "one-of-a-kind"

Apparently, a replica of Diana's dress was available only SIX hours after the wedding.  That was 30 years ago.  I'll let you know how fast I get my replica of Kate's.  :)

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