Saturday, April 2, 2011

sweet things

I'm getting ready to do some major baking.  Bridal shower, birthday, Easter...oh my.  I was browsing Modcloth the other day for some affordable vintage bikinis, (none found there, but I found some others I'll show you later) and I found these sweet measuring cups and spoons.

Aren't they cute?  It makes me want to open my own bakery and decorate it in all shades of pink.  Alas, I couldn't handle the stress of a bakery.  I'd be seizing all over the place.  I am actually really liking how i make cake is going.  I had three orders in January!  I'm getting e-mails and calls from all over the least five a month.  It makes me wish I could figure out a way to ship my cakes.  Bakerella says you can ship cake pops...but I'd have to insure them, keep them cool, and make it affordable. We can't really figure out all of the logistics of that yet.  It may be a future venture.  So might this:

Alice In Wonderland necklace, also from Modcloth.  Isn't it prec?  That's why it's sold out, and totally overpriced.  

Pictures of culinary creations to come soon.

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artist said...

so...I just watched 'Alice' (it aired on the SciFy channel). I'm crushing on Hatter a bit even if he did wear eyeliner. It was kind of hot.