Thursday, June 30, 2011

things i didn't know

Five years ago today I had no idea...
  1. That my face could hurt from smiling
  2. How silly we could be
  3. The sacrifices we would make
  4. What true forgiveness was
  5. How sick I would get
  6. How strong it would make us
  7. How to decorate a cake
  8. That I could ever be sad again
  9. That you would understand
  10. How fun dinner and a movie could be
  11. How to golf, throw a ball, jump high, kick a ball, or bowl
  12. The rules of baseball
  13. That I could enjoy sports simply due to your excitement
  14. How much I could love a furball
  15. How apocalyptic three days of no communication would feel
  16. How often I went over my minutes on my phone bill
  17. About anything political
  18. How good sex would be
  19. How funny Anchorman is
  20. How wonderful staying up all night talking would be
  21. How horrible eleven days of no physical contact would be
  22. How chubby I could be
  23. That you could make me feel beautiful anyway
  24. How poor we would be
  25. That it was possible to be even happier than I was on my wedding day
  26. How hard you are to buy clothes for
  27. How cunning Satan can be
  28. How powerful the Priesthood is
  29. That we could talk with just a look
  30. How big the world is
  31. How selfless you are
  32. That we could make each other better
  33. How your family would become mine
  34. How deep a love could grow
  35. How fast you could fall asleep
  36. That you liked Star Wars
  37. How to get collar stains out
  38. How to fold a fitted sheet
  39. How good a PBJ is grilled
  40. That I could cook
  41. How to clip coupons
  42. The miracles we would witness
  43. How painful not being able to have children would be
  44. How much I would grow up
  45. That folk music was awesome
  46. How deeply happy cuddling in bed with our little family could make me.
  47. That reality would finally be better than my dreams
  48. How many times we'd watch the entire series of the O.C.
  49. That it wasn't just Happily Ever After, but Once Upon a Time as well
  50. Just how wonderful life could be
Happy Anniversary to my One and Only.


Kari said...

Good list. Happy anniversary!

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

This is adorable. Happy anniversary!