Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Disney Vogue

I know I've been slacking this summer.  Having to go to SLC twice a week makes my week pretty crazy trying to accomplish all I need to for work.  So, blogging has sadly trickled to the last of my to do's.  I have read eight books though, but that's another post.

I am obsessed with Pintrest right now.  I'm learning all kinds of things.  Like hair do's and stuff to do around my house.  There are also less useful things though...like this:  Illustrator Dante Tyler reimagines popular Disney princess as glamorized fashion icons, putting their likenesses into the covers of Vogue:

 This one is my favorite.  Fantastic!  I would read this.

 Sad.  I'm not a fan of this one at all.  He could've done my girl a lot better!  Give her an article about being an animal rights activist or her relationship with her birth parents!  That's be something to read.

 I like this one.  I'd tweak it to talk about her novel she just wrote about True Beauty.

 I like this one.  She should sell her dresses at discount though, to change the attitude of the kingdom.

 Gr.  I actually like this one.  It fits her spoiled personality.  :)

 This one is my second favorite.  Lovely.

 I like the 7 men to 1.  I'd read that.  But she should give us some apple recipes.

 This one is my third favorite.  Go Tiana.  I'd get rid of Naveen though, just sayin'.


Kari said...

Those are kind of cool. I wish he made them with a little more curve though. :) And I wish he asked someone to edit them...

e said...

wow. those are fabulous!

Gwen Edwards said...

Haha! These are so funny! The Ariel one made me start singing, "what do you call those things again? oh yeah, feet!"

Now they need the GQ version with all the princes;)

mommy princess said...

I love these! Of course you know my favorite is the Snow White one!