Wednesday, August 3, 2011

fall fashion

Can you feel the buzz in the air?  Summer is almost over.  It's almost fall.  It was a short summer, wasn't it?  Not that I mind.  Why, you ask?  Am I crazy?  No.  I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR.  And haven't for the past five years.  Gone are the days of cute little tank tops and jeans, of t-shirts and mini skirts, of sun-kissed shoulders and sundresses.  Gone, gone, baby, gone.  It is so hard to find modest summer clothing.  Especially if you are not a T-shirt and jeans girl like me.  I abhor T-shirts and jeans.  Unless the T-shirt is embellished with sequins, ruffles, flowers, or has a super cute screen print on it...I aint wearin' it.

Also, it's official:  I am not trendy anymore.  And I'm okay with it.  Stylish is better than trendy.  But seriously...look at this crap:

The seventies are back and I am not happy about it.  Crop tops, panchos and dolemans do NOT work for girls who are rollin' on dubs like I am.  They only work on girls who look like teenage boys and don't wear bras.  And then...I'm not even sure they work.  The only trends I'm endorsing are color blocking and dressed-up shorts for evening:

But, alas, I can't wear them.  Totally worth it, yes, but frustrating in summer months.  But, never fear, my favorite season for fashion is upon us.  Shabby Apple came out with a new collection today, Inca Trail.  I keep telling myself we're so over after our fight about Dare to Design and the bad dress breakup...but they keep luring me back with empty promises.  What if they really have changed?!

For instance, this dress, I think, would be amazing.  Very figure flattering and it would match my eyes.  I'm loving this print and color right now.  I'm using it all over my house.

And ever since my sister Jess got a stunning cream dress for her wedding breakfast I've been itching to outdo her.  (I can't.  But this boat-necked tweed dress would be a runner-up.)

Speaking of seventies, this is how it's done:

Think of the twirling possibilities in this dress!!  Ooooh....It wouldn't work on my body though. 

So, this weekend we're going to a play and I think I'll wear the breakup dress but cinch it up with a belt.  Maybe it deserves a second chance?  I'm not good at playing hard to get.

I'll let you know how the date goes.  If it works...perhaps I can convince my mom to get me the green dress.  ;)  Too bad she doesn't read this.  Also, I need some new VS pink wear for my days at home.  I only have two pairs that aren't three sizes too big and they're looking a bit shabby.  (Go, me!)  When is my birthday again?


amelia said...

ah, shabby apple. they do good stuff. someday i will miraculously recreate a few of their dresses. somehow.

fall is so the best season. i'm excited for it, too. :)

e said...

70's fashion? I also do not support.

Fall is very fun! mostly because I like jackets. And Amelia if you need a mannequin for recreating the dresses...I volunteer.