Thursday, December 29, 2011

book overdose

So, in the month of October, I may or may not have read 8 books and racked up a little bit of a bill...  Okay I totally did.  I liked them so much that I thought I'd share with you.  Now, as a disclaimer, I like Christian romance novels, and no matter how much husband teases me, I am not ashamed.  Religion is the biggest part of my life, interwoven into everything I do, especially dating, romance, and marriage.  It makes the characters in my books easy to relate to.  At least I'm not into Jedi books! 

On that note...It all started with my insomnia, as most books do.  I was searching for free kindle books on Spencer's phone and found this one: Daughter of Joy, Brides of Culdee Creek Book 1, by Kathleen Morgan.  It's about a widow who comes to work as a housekeeper for an onory widower in the 1800s.  I also love historical romance novels.  Win, win. Download and see what you think.  It's free!!

It was really good!  So, I read the second book, which wasn't free, but cheap.  I think this one is my favorite of the series.  It expands on a very lovable character from book one, but I don't want to give anything away in case you decide to read it.  Woman of Grace, Brides of Culdee Creek Book 2.

So, obviously, I read the next one, Lady of Light, Brides of Culdee Creek Book 3.  This one disappointed me.  It's about the son from Book 1 who runs away to Scottland and brings home a bride.  I was super excited about it because another genre I'm into- Scottish Romance.  Especially Highlander stuff.  Spencer is of Scottish decent and I like to imagine him romping around the highlands in his kilt and me as a young maiden trying to save our homelands.  But, I digress.  This one was just okay.  It was a little bit of a downer.

So, to perk myself up, I read the last one, Child of Promise, Brides of Culdee Creek, Book 4.  This one is about the daughter of the onory widower in Book 1 who returns home after medical school and regretfully serves the town she grew up hating as the first female physician.  I liked this one a lot.  It is excellent to see the evolution of this character from a troubled child to a bad ass physician!  Girl power.  It has a lot of twists and turns too.  Very good and an excellent end to a series.

So, then I stumbled upon this...Child of the Mist, These Highland Hills, Book 1.  A Scottish Highlander romance by the same author!  Jackpot.  This one is free too, and I don't know why.  It. was. excellent.  I think I read it in three days.  I loved it!  It's about an arranged marriage to save a clan, suspected witchcraft, traitor-ship, betrayals, family feuds...a lot of drama.  Elsie, you'd like this one!

Wings of Morning, These Highland Hills, Book 2  is filled with even more intrigue.  I loved this one too.  It's about a girl whose husband is killed on their wedding night and she rides out to find him, gets in an accident and loses all of her memory.  She's found by a neighboring clan and they take her in, but as her memory returns, she suspects they might've killed her husband.  The only problem is, she's in love with the murderer.  Total soap opera plot, but good.

A Fire Within, These Highland Hills, Book 3 is just a page-turner.  It's about an unlikely alliance between a suspected traitor and a laird's sister (from book 1).  I loved this one.  Caitlain is a spit fire and again, it was a great evolution of her character.  I was sad to see this series end.

As High as the Heavens is a spin-off of the previous series.  It's about a plot to rescue Queen Mary in which a young noblewoman has to teach a Highlander to act like, well, a noble.  They hate each other at first, but obvi, they fall in love.  It's a little slow to start, but in the end, a good read.

I need to get to a bookstore so I can read, Embrace the Dawn (Scottish Highlands Series #1) and Consuming Fire (Scottish Highlands Series #2). 

I'm also looking forward to A Heart Divided, Love Forbidden, A: A Novel (Heart of the Rockies) and A Culdee Creek Christmas Series.  I'm not sure about her Guardians of Gadiel or Five Star Romance series.  Like I said, I'm not into Jedis.


Kari said...

These kind of sounded Outlanderish. Are they? I quit the second book, but sometimes I think bout starting it again. Mostly bc I like the whole Scottish thing. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Love this. Marathoning books is my favorite thing. Isn't it the best to get into an established series so you don't have to wait for the books to come out?

Mr. Senator said...

I’ll have you know that in the last year I’ve read The Count of Monte Cristo, A Tale of Two Cities, the first 2 books of the Hunger Games and am reading Atlas Shrugged… in addition to Star Wars Outcast: Fate of the Jedi Order (Book 1) and The Rising Force: Jedi Apprentice (Book 1). So I don’t appreciate your snobbery! ;-p