Wednesday, January 2, 2013

pinning, a year in review

I'm pretty much obsessed with pinterest.  I had this board called 2012 to-dos.  I did one.  BUT, I did do 96 other things, which I feel pretty good about.  I thought I would blog about my top ten faves, and my top....bottom...? fails.  So, here they are, kids.

Top ten faves:
  1. Create your own Bokeh.  This one is my top fave.  I made one that changed light to hearts!  I made several different sized ones using my Cricut and me and my photog brother-in-law played around with it.  Super easy and super successful!  It lead to one of my favorite pics of all time.  We used it for our christmas pics last year.
  2. Heart Bokeh
  3. Hair dos.  I'm including all of these in one because they would take up too much real estate otherwise.  Twisty Bun.  Here are some silly pics because I feel silly taking mirror pics

  4. Mermaid by Carolyn Turgeon. This one is a book I put on my to read list.  It's now one of my favorite books EVER.  It's a more adult take on the classic tale of The Little Mermaid (not the Disney one...the one where the witch cuts out her voice box.)  It's more adult and a little more Grimm (teehee) but I LOVED it.  It was hard to decide who I wanted to win the prince's heart, the mermaid or the princess.  It was a heart-wrenching, beautiful book.  I also read her story, Godmother, based on the godmother from Cinderella.  I was much less impressed with that one.
  5. Keep your house clean with 15-20 minutes a day.  This one gave me the idea but I do it a bit differently.  Mondays I mop and vacuum.  Tuesdays I clean the kitchen.  Wednesdays I dust and I hate it. Thursdays I clean my bathroom.  Fridays I clean the Spence's bathroom and Saturdays I do laundry.  Everyday I just straighten up and do things like the dishes and wipe off the counters etc.  I also spend more like an hour than 20 minutes...but that's just me.  Maybe you're super fast. When I dust it takes about 2 hours and then a shower so I don't get hivey and sneezy.  Yeah, you read that right.  I also have a basket of cleaning supplies for each room and I got that idea here.  Mine read: bathrooms, kitchen, dusting, and dishes.  This system has helped cleaning the house seem much less overwhelming.  I was skeptical at first thinking, "But my whole house will never be clean!"  True, but it feels cleaner because I actually do it.  
  6. Dried Pineapple flowers and Hummingbird cupcakes by Annie's Eats.  I made these for my neighbor's birthday and they were a huge hit.  They were easy, very yummy and absolutely beautiful!  See?
    Hummingbird CC with pineapple flowers
  7. 100 Great Date Night Ideas.  We made a goal to cross all of these off while we wait for baby.  They are really great and I love how they all range in price and time.  Some of my faves that we've done are flying kites, though I totes biffed it running full speed down a hill in front of a  baseball team, we had a candle-lit backyard picnic with lobster and fondue,  and we went to a video arcade.
  8. Custom silhouette lamp shade.  This took like 5 minutes and every time I turn it on I smile.  I want to do another one on the opposite side that says, "Happily Ever After," but I need a lamp first.  You will need the bird's nest Cricut cartridge, but I already had it. Here's a picture I had Spencer take: 
  9. Lampshade
  10. Mini book charms.  I cannot believe I didn't take a picture of this.  I made a bookmark for my sis.  It turned out adorably.  
  11. Ramen Noodle upgrade to Pad Thai. This is now one of my go-to recipes!  Really easy, fast, and cheap.
  12. 3D bow, and paper flowers for presents.  The 3D bow was super cool and I've had fun tying brown paper packages with string.
3D bow

Paper flowers

It was very hard to pick just ten.  Runners up were: How to make a printed font list-- this one is really easy and has really helped me in my design projects, especially with clients who need to pick a font; Snow Ice cream-- I can't wait to do this with my kids; Italian crockpot chicken-- also easy and cheap; and this spider eggsac for Halloween.

And now for the losers.  The epic fails, the ehs, and the ones that just pissed me right off.
  1. Dorothy Perkins.  Dorothy is a reeeaal bitch.  I had this party, right?  I needed a new dress, so I ordered one on their site.  I knew they were a UK company, but when I ordered two weeks ahead, I noticed that I could pay $15 extra dollars to have it shipped to me in time.  I figured they had a US warehouse or something and since the dress was only 20 bones, it was worth it.  Guess what?  The dress was still in the U effing K the day before the party.  It was late, late, late and I got the total run around with their "customer service."  I didn't have my dress and just YESTERDAY did they agree to refund my shipping.  I really like my dress though, but that just pisses me off more since I didn't have it in time.
  2. How to get the dingy out of whites.  I noticed absolutely NO difference.  Nada.
  3. Shower cleaner extraordinaire.  This just left a yucky residue.
  4. The secret to curling your eyelashes.  This just made my eyes water and I had to redo my eyes.  
  5. Perfect heatless Taylor Swift Curls.  I was so sad when this didn't work; you can't possibly imagine my grief.
  6. Heart-shaped whoopie pies.  These were hilariously not heart shaped.  They were so bad.  I failed, epicly. 
  7. Pinata cookies.  I made these for our fiesta Cinco de Mayo night.  They tasted good, but look how sad they look!!
  8. ugh.
  9. A Great Place for a Seizure by Terry Tracey.  I was very disappointed in this.  It lacked all kinds of emotion.  It basically listed every place she had a seizure.  I don't even remember the end.  I could do so much better.  
  10. Single-serve mug brownie.  Yuck.
  11. Memories of us balloons.  This wasn't a fail, but I was.  Did you know helium only lasts 5 hours?  Me neither.  Good thing I took a picture before I went to bed.
What's on the docket for 2013?  All of the stuff that was on the 2012 board...except the worms, I hear they don't work...and the moss...I'm not sure on the moss anymore.  Next week I'm going to clean my Macbook, clean my makeup brushes, and make this cake.  I'll let you know how it goes.


Kari said...

I'm impressed with all you've done! You should send your fails to the pintrosity blog.

Seantae Jackson said...

I just love you. I don't need pintris when I have you ;)

Anonymous said...

Great post! I liked the fails the most. You should keep doing these, you are super entertaining.

erin said...

i needed that cleaning one. i'm totally keeping a list of my pinterest hits and misses. loved this.