Tuesday, April 16, 2013

pillow talk 5.0

Do you know how excited I was when this happened?

Spencer:  "Oh, I just handle the shoelaces."
Chelsi: "The shoelaces?"
Spencer:  "When we all get our family pictures taken and stuff."
Chelsi:  "What if I never wear shoes with shoelaces unless I'm working out?"
Spencer: "My antics on the jumbotron were not well-inviting."
Chelsi:  "No, they weren't. What did you do?"  (Trying so hard not to laugh.)
Spencer: "I was just saying that my comments about my phone weren't worth repairing.  It was a joke!"
Chelsi:  "You're so funny, honey!"
Spencer:  "Mmmhmmm..."

Hahahaha!  I love when he talks in his sleep.  Nothing beats, "The Amish have a fun time coming up with excuses," though....or library disease for that matter.


Jenn said...

so cute! Blake talks in his sleep sometimes and it makes me laugh (although I try hard not to) as I play along until he either wakes up...the joys of marriage:)Love you!!!

Tati said...

lol that's awesome. matt used to talk more in his sleep. never seems to happen anymore, though...

Seantae Jackson said...

I seriously love sleep talk!