Sunday, June 30, 2013

lucky number seven

Seven years ago I was lying in the middle of my mom and dad trying to sleep but wanting to jump on the bed. I did so in the morning.
 I never thought I'd want to marry a guy who was just a friend first. Booooring! So not romantic. That was until my friend swept me off my feet. It was a long time coming. Some saw it even before we did. But I fell in love with a person who saw all of me, good, bad, and just plain crazy. I fell in love with my best friend. 

I was always excited to be married and believed nothing bad would ever happen after that. I was wrong, but I also didn't grasp just how AMAZING marriage would be. I couldn't have grasped the depth of the love I would have for my eternal companion. I still can't, I don't think. Recently we were at a wedding and the sealer  told the young couple to look in the facing mirrors and see how they stood together and went on and on and on. He said it was like their love and that not only would it go on, but if nourished it would grow and grow. He said, "I know it's hard to imagine loving each other more than you do right now, but in fifty years your love will be even deeper and even stronger." There is so much truth to that statement but it's hard to explain why. I think it's because you leave the things and people of the world behind and cling to each other and build your own world together. Some may call that unhealthy or co-dependency, and it probably is, but I love the world we've built.
 We take care of each other. I make sure he eats three meals and remembers everything he needs to (call your mom, it's her birthday, I sent a thank you card to Dane for helping us) or (have you seen my keys, laptop, sunglasses, wallet, that one shirt) and doesn't watch r-rated movies and puts sunscreen on. I clean up after him so he has a nice home to come home to. He protects me, mostly from myself, from running and falling or cutting myself with a knife, and babies me by opening my doors, offering his jacket, and his arm so i don't fall, and pulling out chairs and watching "Say Yes to the Dress." He listens to me cry and takes care of me when I'm sick and cries with me. We can't survive on our own anymore, but there are worse things. 

I was watching a show about June Carter Cash last night and one of her daughters asked what being married was. She said,"Well, ya see, bein' married is like gettin' to live with your best friend. The one who you have the best fun with and the one you want to share your best treasures with." She's right. I wouldn't trade a whirlwind romance for this any day. 
I definitely have the best fun with you, sweetie, if you're reading. Before you I'd only dated self-obsessive losers who took all of their problems out on me. But now you're carrying my groceries and I'm always laughin''ve given me no reason not to stay. And you never will. You're my best friend. The one I have the best fun with, and YOU are my greatest treasure. Happy lucky number seven!  I love you more and more and more...

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Seantae Jackson said...

When I was a teenager my mom told me that if my boyfriend said he couldn't live without me he was co-dependent and that I needed to remember to be able to live WITHOUT anyone, but just enhance my life with others around. I think that was great advice for a teenager.... But today, for marriage- I'm with you. I almost want to be dependent on him. I feel like if I'm not, then I haven't been open and vulnerable with the one person I'm supposed to be with. And there's something magical about knowing it will be an eternity together. That's the beauty- you won't ever have to be without him. You guys are amazing- through thick and then you stand strong! The world needs more families like you!

Thank you for all your sweet comments- they mean the world to me! I love you!