Thursday, June 6, 2013

taking control

I'm starting to believe it.  Everyone tells me that my thirties are going to be better than my twenties.  My twenties were (are) great-- I had an amazing college experience, I figured out who I was, I graduated college, I met and married my husband, I got a killer job, I bought a house!  But they were hard too. I spent a lot of time waiting; waiting to get married, waiting to find a job, waiting to feel better, waiting to buy a house, waiting to find another job, waiting to be a mom.  I feel as if I'm done waiting now.  I'm taking control of my life for the first time in a long time.  No more waiting.

I've been laid off since February and have been unsuccessful in finding a new job.  It's unusual for me.  I've been feeling, for sometime now, that Heavenly Father is nudging me in another direction.  An independent direction through food blogging about my baking creations.  At a bridal shower, I was surprised to speak to a distant family member who is successfully making money with her food blog/catering business.  As she tried to talk me into it, I couldn't let go of the uncertainty of not bringing in a steady paycheck. Heavenly Father, again, nudged me in the same direction when our best friends asked me to Nanny for them.  I immediately thought, "I could write during nap time..."  I've also been very fortunate to receive some contract work from a graphic designer friend who is quickly becoming a mentor in that field. Then, the kicker happened.

A few weeks ago, I applied to be a writer for Cake Central magazine.  They are huge in the baking community.  They loved me!  They've asked me to write for a feature, and depending on the success of it, I might get to write regularly.  I am so excited I can barely handle myself!  That was the final nudge.  I'm going to work to fuse writing, designing and baking into a legitimate dream career that I've never even bothered to imagine.  I've decided to start up my own LLC that will house Chelsi Makes Cake, Chelsi Talks Cake too, and (pending name, open to suggestions) Chelsi Designs Stuff.  I told Spencer that I am going to name my LLC Chelsi Makes Money.  He laughed, but I'm into the power of positive thinking!  I'm working on my food blog, expanding my view on what I initially thought it could be.  As for my Graphic Design, I'm going to start by selling my invitation designs and party printables on Etsy and take it from there.  As for baking and writing, well, I'll just keep doing it.  My body will just have to deal with it.  I'm not waiting for it anymore.

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Seantae Jackson said...

Oh my gosh!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am excited for you and admire you and am excited ad excited!!!!!!!!!!! Way to be who you are! It takes a lot of guys to be who Heavenly Father created us to be!